New Harvard Study: Homeschoolers Turn Out Happy, Well-Adjusted, and Engaged

Who is to judge what is bad values?

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Complete myth that homeschoolers can’t or don’t socialize with their peers. In fact here in Ohio the schools have to allow them to attend dances etc.


Sounds like a great situation to me!

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No, indoctrinated is good if the values instilled are good ones.

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Same here, but attending a dance or two is not the same as developing a social network.

I think our homeschooled kids also play on sports teams which I think helps. And of course there are tons of homeschooling peer groups.

You teach kids how to think for themselves.

You don’t indoctrinate them.

It’s never good.


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So far… There is no high school in our town, and the two closest ones from here have had bad experiences in the meth and opioid epidemics. I may not even give them a choice if that kind of crap is still going on in a few more years.


Oh no they are missing chats in between classes and lunch. Homeschools also join school clubs as well. They can have as much social contact with other kids as they like.


No sorry, if my kid thinks for himself that theft and murder are good that didn’t work out well at all. Should you just say, oh well, he came up with it on its own so it’s good. Please. If you didn’t instill good morals in your child that’s just a tragedy.

He wants leftist teachers to be doing the indoctrinating rather than the parents apparently. :roll_eyes:

They were up to this nonsense way back when I was in high school. Still remember the teacher facilitated discussion on abortion in which we were all told to ignore what our parents told us. Just plain evil.

My kids attended public school in a very rural area that hasn’t let any of the woke lib nonsense in yet.

Then i sent them to a conservative Christian University. Best money i ever spent.

They are well adjusted, happy, Christians with great work ethics. :+1: :grinning:

That is in stark contrast to the angry, very unhappy indoctrinated kids many lib/socialist type schools are turning out.

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Wasn’t happening where i went to school nor where my kids attended either.

Both were in rural conservative areas.

I grew up in Delaware. Not my choice heh.

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No you had no say in that i’m sure. :grinning:

I was homeschooled from 6-8th grade it was a great experience, for High School I did want to go for in person and my parents were on board.

9th grade was an experience going from home school to thousands of kids, so I did half of my classes at home and the other at school then from 10th and onward I was full time in person.

The decision was driven by the fact that my mother did not like any of the middle school options in our area and she has always been a stay at home so it worked.

I dunno the specifics of how it worked out, but I know she worked with the school district directly and I got support from the district however I used the criteria and study books that she picked out. I would visit someone from the district that would check my work every two weeks and would administer the test’s.

South Cali back in the 90’s

Same path for my younger two brothers.

Yet in the end kids grow up to be adults and choose their own path

And? Hopefully they were taught good morals and retain them.


What’s the difference?