New gofundme page for helping build the wall


Not a bad plan. I wouldn’t mind holding $200 million in trust for a year or two. Even with a certificate of deposit you could score a couple million.

Otherwise, you could just keep at all and have Trump tell 'em it’s been spent on the wall. Everybody wins!


Lol. Another thing for the DOJ to investigate, when this money doesn’t go to some wall…


and now Roger Stone is selling signed stones to help pay his legal fees…

“This is an exact replica of the stone that David used to take down Goliath.”


Gofund this, Trumpettes. :slight_smile:


does it protect against tigers?


I don’t think it’s legal to gofundme a wall


Who is Brain Kolfage and how can we know that the money will go to the wall.


Good questions


But the wall will bankrupt the Economy, even if Republicans pay for the wall!


And Brian Kolfage turns out to be a conman. Surprising? :laughing:


It won’t.

Stop falling for scams.


Sometimes running on faith, is better than running on nothing at all(Aka, what
the Democratic Party stands for).

Hope is a good thing my friend.


This wasn’t hope- it was gullibility.

Stop falling for scams.




They fell and keep falling for Trump. Not a lot of hope.


why is this in Sara Carter? and who is Sara Carter?


It’s a John Galt thing, only more foolish.


Even if all of the Republicans and Conservatives in America were able to pay
for the wall, the Democrat Politicians wouldn’t allow it.

It’s about the illegal votes for them.


Dems already voted for a wall. Did you forget already?


You still haven’t shown me any proof. They voted for “border security”.

But not a wall.