New gofundme page for helping build the wall


Brian Kolfage set up a new gofundme page for donations to help fund the building of the wall. It appears to be rapidly going viral.

Go fund me for the wall?

Good idea. See if cons put their money where their mouth is.


They’ve got a ways to go


Wonder if they take pesos?


Or rubles.


$200 million won’t even build 20 miles of the bollard style fence-wall they have already been building along the Southern border.

But hey, it is a start. :wink:




Has Mexico chipped in?


They are not using any go the 8 prototype designs Donny spent millions on having built out in the desert east of San Diego.

They are building a bollard-fence type ““wall”” essentially of the near exact design that was erected under President Obama.



What an amazing way to scam people! Who needs a full time job when you can just con money freely from people!


Haha someone needs to create a Mexico gofundme account and pitch in $5


I bet some of the same people who donated to Flynn’s defense will donate to this. Man, I hope they have guardian support watching over their bank account.


Are people really stupid enough to contribute to this?


This is a scam. Who’s getting the money?


Yes, I’m afraid so.


I sincerely hope they don’t.


It would be interesting to trace it to see where it goes. Whatever they might claim, I’m guessing it won’t go to pay for a single brick or piece of rebar.


I can think of a few Trumpists right here who should be running for their checkbooks as soon as they find out. :wink:


Brian Kolfage and Stephanie Cripe.


I guess getting conned on the tax cut wasn’t enough.