New Forum is a Welcome Surprise


This is just a test for mulitpart quoting…

This might work out after all…lol


Yeah this is great upgrade from other forum. And it’s surprising simple to figure out.


How did you do that?


I just went to the individual posts and highlighted what i wanted from each of them.

That is hella convienient.


but how did you highlight them both at the same time?


I didn’t, per se.

I went to the first post, and highlighted and quoted it. Then I went to the other post and highlighted and quoted what I wanted from it as well.


It works pretty much like multiquote used to, except for the fact that you can take exactly what you want to take from each post and not have to fiddle with the editing out of all the extraneous stuff you didn’t want.


Anyone know where i can see direct responses to my posts?


Top right corner. Where your avatar is. Click it.


I know, but these are replies to threads that I started or i’m involved in, not direct replies.


Mine shows both.


We light up your life. :slight_smile:


Can I suggest some kind of manual sort-of with instructions of how to navigate this new place? The quoting thing was a mystery until I saw someone mention how to do it. Maybe all those tips in one thread might help.


How did you multi-quote like that my friend? I haven’t figured that out yet.



You rock! Thank you!!


Very, very nice!


Y’all collaborate. Good work acsirip, and thank you.


OK…so I came. What now?


Click “SeanHannity” at the top. Choose what you want to see.

Click your own pic in the top right corner (yours will be a “S” until you have an avatar) to see things like who responded to you, if people posted in your threads, etc)