New Cabinet Position Suggestion:

Secretary of Foreign Interference.

I don’t see why this, and all future presidents, won’t seek to leverage the power of their office for political gain.

The secretary will spend time ‘encouraging’ foreign leaders to do things that will help the president politically.

I would suspect they would have a close working relationship with Israel, to whom we send a tremendous amount of money to. I’m sure they would be eager to help this, and future presidents get re-elected to ensure their funds aren’t delayed.

Should be a fun gig!

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Its almost like the morning after the 2016 election.


I suggest Hillary Clinton for this job…due to her vast experience in this area.


Great idea! You certainly won’t be able to complain about her using the power of her office for her, or the POTUS, personal gain!

Good times ahead!

It’s odd that you are happy that this and future POTUS, including democratic ones, are now clear to use the power of their office for personal gain, including leveraging foreign aid to force investigations into politcal opponents.

You can’t see how this will be bad?

I have seen how Democrats and other anti Trumpers have used investigations for political purposes for the last three years and no one who is now outraged seemed to care then. In fact, they reveled in it. Don’t pretend this latest incident happened in a vacuum.

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Deeeeeeeeep Staaaaaaaate!!! The FBI is a political arm of the presidency!!! There are liberals under your bed!!!

Anyway, who cares now, right?

Who do you think President Warren will appoint to the new cabinet position?

I thought it was reds under the bed. That was certainly the catchcry of the Liberal and Country Parties (right of centre parties) in Australia in the 1960s to win elections.

They should probably appoint a grief czar to help the left cope with their ineffectiveness.



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Not my President. Resistance. Investigate her. If the Republicans take the House they can impeach her for lying about being native American…that stole the election for her.

Maybe use cobber rather than dude. More Aussie.

Trump supporters can, they just don’t care because it helps Trump. Just like they don’t care about $1trillion deficits or family values anymore.

That’s basically what Democrats were using…though most of them had to give it up after the Mueller report failed them. The Russians are coming!

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Let’s go back 40 or so years.

Reagan’s admin was investigated over the Iran/Contra…turns out, there was a lot of wrong doing there. If Barr had not convinced HW to pardon some of the main players, maybe justice would have been done.

HW Bush. No investigations into his admin.

Clinton. multiyear investigation involving a land deal of some sort, that lasted 3+ years…Starr discovers Bill had a fling…Bill lied about the fling…and he gets impeached.

W Bush, no investigations by Democrats into any of his actions, although his policies and actions were certainly despised by many of his opposition.

Obama is not investigated, but the Republicans spend years investigating…the other Clinton, with multiple investigations…but nothing stuck.

Trump, is immediately investigated…by Republicans in the FBI, for suspicious connections to Russia. Many people are demanding Democrats investigate/impeach Trump. Democratic party leaders decline, as they do not see enough there to do so.

Then a whistle blower exposes potential problems…then Trump basically admits what he did. The justice Dept. Refuses to investigate. (there is Barr again).

Democrats, make the hard choice to investigate to see if there is any there, there.

And there is tons of there, there…even with Trump doing everything he can to block witnesses, documents etc…

And here we are…with the Republicans choosing power and party over country and principles.

Sad day in America.

Hopefully, Americans will let their voice heard loudly in November.


My sides.

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Good gosh. Did you miss the summer of 2016 through April 2019? And Libby might also disagree with some of your history.
And this last impeachment? The hard choices were to go ahead even though there was no crime involved, only suspicions, hearsay and they really, really hated Trump.
Oh…I forget Pelosi actually prayed for Trump. And then gleefully handed out her “impeachment pens” and gloated that he would be impeached forever.

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I will definitely suggest that the left American politicians use Aussie slang to win over voters. I hope that you can encourage more to do the same!

Yeah…the left is going through another emotional breakdown.

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Pelosi tried to talk Shiffty out of impeaching President Trump with such flimsy evidence. I can only attribute that moment of clarity from her drunken haze to the shocking realization that she would lose her chair if he followed through. She looks like she’s uped her intake ever since.