New Antifa autonomous zone created in honor of slave traders

A new Antifa autonomous zone has been started in Portland, Oregon. It is named after the native Americans from that area:

A group attributed with promoting rallies in Portland, Ore., rallied protesters to establish the Chinook Land Autonomous Territory, or CLAT.

But history shows that the Chinooks practiced slavery and engaged in slave trade:

Some Chinookan peoples practiced slavery, a practice borrowed from the northernmost tribes of the Pacific Northwest.[11] They took slaves as captives in warfare . . .

Due to their territory being along the Columbia river a good portion of their trading involved fish, mainly salmon, but they (the Chinooks) were also known for trading canoes as well as participating in slave trade.

Should the zone immediately cancel itself out of existence?

Or is slavery just part of the indigenous culture?

It’s ok. Slaves didn’t mind being slaves to these people. You see slavery of blacks by blacks in africa is hunky dory according to progs. Likewise slavery of blacks by blacks in America is A OK too. And of blacks by indians… that was fine too according to progs.

Funny… we always hear that blacks are the reason that whites did so well in our country. I wonder why the slave owning blacks in Africa and the Indians didn’t fare as well…assuming that the ticket to success was owning slaves. Hmmmm.

All slavery is wrong and many cultures indulged in slavery but it was only Europeans and Americans both prior to and after independence that industrialized slavery on a scale never seen before and I hope to god we never see again.

No one is saying one culture practicing slavery is somehow more morally acceptable but lets not forget it was only the United States that had a civil war over slavery and over 600,000 Americans lost their lives of which over 300,000 died so the confederacy could continue slavery.

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Sounds like it was the Europeans and Americans who knew how to become successful. The blacks in africa who owned slaves didnt become as successful? If slavery of black people was the ticket to success… why is that. It sounds to me like if there had not been black slaves in America, big farmers in the south would have still become successful.

So I’m calling ■■■■■■■■ on the claim that America was built on the backs of any one color.

Perhaps they can resurrect this old gem, which celebrates the myth of the happy slave. Democrats made it the state song of Virginia until Republicans finally got rid of it in 1997:

(Warning contains slurs by today’s standards)

What is next? Raiding parties to capture slaves to auction off at a Chinook slave market? Proceeds can go for reparations for white privilege?

Carry me back to old Chinook Land?

I simply have no words for this. You can call ■■■■■■■■ on anything But it does not change the fact that slavery was instrumental to the building of the nation.

There is nothing contradictory in being a proud patriotic American and acknowledging in our past we indulged in a vile and reprehensible practice.

Turns out I did have words afterall.


Slavery was not an economic plus. How many Thomas Edison’s or Bell’s died in the south in chains? It’s a horrendous waste of human potential, not a money maker for a nation.

What are you on about?

Do you thinks slaves were being used to their highest economic potential?

They were not given the opportunity.

It is an undisputed fact that the South was a able to build its economy because of workforce that was not paid and kept in horrific conditions.

Didn’t the south have to be rebuilt after the Civil War? :thinking:


The Chinese came willingly and the railroad tycoons still made money. The Europeans came and mined coal and every other ore and those businesses made rich men. The first oil fields in the north created the equivalent of billionaires…followed by those in the south . Black slaves were not required for those industries? Men still became successful without them. You have no evidence that the industrious farmers in the south would have instead become paupers while their cousins in the north became successful.

It is a myth. And again I state … show me where the black men in africa who owned slaves created wealth that still exists today in their descendants.

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They held back their economy, a select few guys made money but overall slavery was an economic disaster. Which is why the North kicked their asses.

We probably would have accelerated the development of farm machinery had the plantation owners not used slaves. Not the slaves fault but … just saying they didnt really help us grow economically.

Personally, I think we owe black people, not for their backs, but for their spirits. Yes they were oppressed. And they turned that into faith and hope and a spirituality that was what I envision was present in the Hebrews when “all the people said Amen”. And that spirituality flowed over unto white people so that we talked about deliverance and freedom from slavery in a spiritual sense. Yep… that is the greatest contribution of the black people to this country.

Yup. Want to have some fun? Google “Carpetbagger”.

Picture of Hillary

same is true for coal and coke moguls in north, exploiting child labor, ridiculous unhealthy and dangerous working conditions

Who was the poster that used to lose their mind when the R&B singer Ashanti came up, because the real Ashanti tribe had practiced cannibalism or something at one point?

Yeah great. What a crock of ■■■■ and what a way to minimize the evil that slavery was.

I am going to walk away from this thread before I say something which will get me banned.

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UPDATE: Biden has pledged to “get our kids to market swiftly”.

Is he supporting the Chinook slave trading zone?