New Antifa autonomous zone created in honor of slave traders

They must be talking about the north.

Has to be. They benefited the most out of the slavery nonsense.

No one minimized the evil of slavery here. No one. But neither did we elevate it like you© people do to be the great enabler of the white man.

Its you© who think it was so great… not me.

The problem in Portland can be boiled down to…Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said Tuesday the best thing the federal officers can do is stay inside the building or leave the city altogether.

When Portland is destroyed, will the mayor then ask for federal funds to rebuild?

The civil war was not over slavery.

Of course he will. Any death. mayhem, lawlessness or destruction will be blamed on others as follows:

  1. Trump
  2. COVID
  3. Racial inequality
  4. Hunger
  5. Federal agents
    Feel free to add your favorites.

Sure it wasnt. Slavery was s non issue and even was not really a problem. Many slaves had it better here in America so they should have been thankful!!!

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Not so much. Most people even in the south had no slaves. None of my ancestors owned slave but were hard working farmers. Millions of others could tell you the same.They built the country on their own backs.

I have to call bs on your claim as well.

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Slavery and the civil war are long over. I don’t get the desire to try and keep fighting it other than to play politics in an election year.


Then the nation it was instrumental in building was destroyed then rebuilt without slavery. You’d have a better argument for the south being rebuilt on the back of Jim Crow.

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Sure ok.

Forced labor.

I live in Virginia. Do you think they just went in one day and dropped that song on the spur of the moment? People were calling for that song to be gotten rid of long before then. They got rid of it when the benefits of getting rid of it finally outweighed the benefits of keeping it.

That works too. Or cheap labor.

Of course he will.