New ad attacks Florida Governor DeSantis

A pearl-clutching commercial hypes COVID fears related to an alarming outbreak of freedom in Florida under Governor DeSantis.

The ad may play well among Democrat operatives in Manhattan or DC, but I expect that it will not age well as more people recognize that COVID fear-mongering is being abused as pretext to end civil rights. New cases have dropped rapidly in Florida, while they are surging in highly vaccinated blue states in the Northeast.

Florida coronavirus cases and deaths | USAFacts

Will DeSantis end up using elements of the ad for his re-election bid?

Will the ad unintentionally result in an influx in refugees fleeing the war on the unvaccinated in New York and other Northeastern states?

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Great news, there are no trees on fire!


When does DeSantis run for office again? How the virus plays out is going to have a lot more to do with his future than any ad.

Sept. 15, 2021 FiveThurtyEight likely voters has Crist +9 over DeSantis.
DeSantis has been consistently dropping in the polls since Spring.

DeSantis will run for re-election next year.

Scott Adams commented on how tone-deaf campaigns can backfire. For example, Clinton’s “LOVE TRUMPs hate” slogan really had the opposite effect since the first half of the message was “Love Trump”.

Complaining about an alarming outbreak of freedom could likewise boomerang especially if it becomes obvious that COVID fears were overblown.

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That was awesome.

Nice find…thanks for posting.

It’s hilarious because the people in masks that are supposed to be empathetic targets of the audience…are not at all.

Yes, that is after the national media spent weeks with non-stop hype about the seasonal COVID outbreak in Florida and neighboring states.

Reports about Florida’s COVID numbers have fallen off the radar as they have dropped like a rock in recent weeks.


You are correct, Florida’s cases have dropped quite a bit

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Unless this commercial is targeting gimps, cucks or submissives looking for a big daddy government to tell them what for, I think it lost its premise.

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I think this chart is pertinent, as well

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Hospitalization rates trending down. This bodes well.

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Did you help produce that delightful PAC ad?

Sound engineer who knows how to turn Y axis attenuation up?

Three of em…

Not surprising.

Pretty effective ad!

There’s definitely a perception in Florida that DeSantis cares more about his presidential ambitions than he does about governing Florida. He’s appears on Fox News every day it seems.

It looks like New York State actually has more new cases based 7-day averages and adjusting for population.

Here are the figures:

New York State cases: 4754 per day (7-day average)
Population: 19.378 million
Rate: 24.53 cases/day/100000 people

Florida cases: 4929 cases per day (7-day average)
Population: 21.477 million
Rate: 22.95 cases/day/100000 people

New York coronavirus cases and deaths | USAFacts (See OP for Florida figures.)
List of U.S. states by population - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

More freedom, less COVID is looking good. I expect a lot of New Yorkers will be heading south.


One thing I have noticed in the last few months is that it seems that Republicans who are scared of Trump are not paying attention to some polls. I have to think that they think that their base is much stronger then it really is. And I think that in the next two election cycles a number of them are going to pay the price.

Here’s FL cases compared to NY cases over the last 60 days

But that’s not the primary metric we are concerned with…

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This is a more important metric.

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