New ad attacks Florida Governor DeSantis

Lol, no there isn’t unless you listen to all the lib news stations.

Lol it is a great ad for Desantis.

Florida to date: # Total Cases = 3.57M # Total Deaths = 54,071

New York to date # Total Cases = 2.42M # Total Deaths = 54,886

The population of Florida is greater then New York by 2,069M. But the two monthly curves since the pandemic began are very telling.

That is not how it works. And it is easy to see when the majority of data taken is either by county or zip code. Overall state average is really not important. Cases are being tied to local population density, number of vaccinated folks, mandates in place, effects on local healthcare facilities and others.

You did it again with a Y axis of 0 to 2.

Quite the parlor trick.

What graph would you rather use?

That’s not how any of this works.

FL hosts all the covid vacationers and migrant covid carriers and still comes on at a freedom lovng statistical dead heat.

I am just here to enjoy the fallout of the PAC ad failure of the year.

So worth it.

Florida’s death rate is 7x higher than NY’s. Does the chart not accurately depict that?

Did you mean Biden death rate?

It really should be lower.

You think that’s because of not enough COVID restrictions?

Polls are a reflection of a sampling of public opinion. And I believe that in some areas like Florida and Texas there is a growing number of folks who believe that either the governor level controlled forms of mitigation are not doing the job. Or that the mitigation control should be at the local level and not at the state level.

Anecdotal I know, but a lot of Texans are mad at Abbott for mandating too much.

So you agree it accurately depicts that Florida has a covid death rate 7x that of NY?

Florida has the second highest 7-day death average of any state in the country. Only Texas is higher.

That’s from your link.

They beat 829?

So Florida is much better at beating Kung flu than NY, even with an older more at risk population.

No. New York had the majority of its cases and deaths before the vaccine or directed therapy. Florida should have benefited from this but they have not. Look at the numbers since January 1st of this year, as the vaccine and specific therapies became available.

Total cases since January 2021:
New York: 1,459,860
Florida: 2,261,691

Total deaths since January 2021:
New York: 17,664
Florida: 31,305

Florida got lucky by largely avoiding COVID prior to the vaccines and directed therapy. They have done an absolutely horrific job since they became available. New York has done much better and it’s not close.


So when they had fewer cases it was luck, and when the cases are high it is how they did.
How they have done in vaccinations is 57% vaccinated which is pretty typical and not that far behind New York’s 63%.
So maybe it’s not that easy to determine the difference between how some area did and when it was just their turn for the wave.

Yeah, DeSantis isn’t a tyrant. Effective indeed.

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