Net Neutrality is Dead. Are things getting better?

So the push to kill Net Neutrality was because the Telcos and Ajit Pai claimed that it was necessary to deregulate in order for more investment in infrastructure to be built in this country.

Let us see how that is going.

Charter is cutting back on $2 billion in capital improvements while raising prices.

Comcast has cut capital spending by 3%

Verizon has cut investment on 5G networks despite the FCC eliminating $2 Billion in fees that they would pay to municipalities to deploy that network.

So… all in all it seems to be going fine.

As the numbers clearly show… getting rid of these pesky regulations that protect consumers were the roadblocks that kept the train of Capitalism from leaving the station… or something.


So, even with NN getting axes and the massive tax cuts, they are cutting back on CapEx? Hilarious.

Republican economics is the worst.


You know, this whole thing is going to be flushed down the memory hole in a few years and the same people who are seeing their policies come up to be absolute failures will be out there pushing the same ■■■■■■■■ and the same people who support things against their self interest will have learned nothing.

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Amazes me how blindly many on the right treat big corp as rulers of their country and eat up all their propaganda

It blows my mind. How does the cycle end? I mean, take the tax cuts for example. It’s already completely, undeniably proven that tax cuts don’t pay for themselves and they result in a windfall to the rich at the expense of increased deficits. We didn’t even have to wait long this time around to see it. Less than a year. Why is this not shouted from the rooftops and those who pushed that lie tarred and feathered in the media?


Because The Forgotten Man thinks someday he too will be as filthy rich as those that benefit from tax cuts to corporations and the extremely wealthy.

It’s why they also support doing away with the “death” tax.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

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Every American truly believers they’re all just Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaires.

As you can see, it works just stellar.


Local Brooklyn weirdo Paranoid Larry says it best.

Save the Millionaires… because we could all be Millionaires.

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Sticking it to those they dislike is important, too. Dems begged them to keep net neutrality.

My internet has never been worse. Keeps going out during peak hours. This only started after they repealed NN.

Lower quality for higher costs pretty much sums up the gop…

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Its structural too. Literally, no matter how hard you try, not everyone can be rich or upper middle class. You need way more middle and low wage workers than you do CEOs and middle management / execs. Somebody has to operate gas stations and stock store shelves.

This is bad news?

Charter said that its all-digital and DOCSIS 3.1 build-outs have been completed, which should dramatically reduce capital expenditures for this year and for the foreseeable future. Capital expenditures should be about $7 billion in 2019, $2 billion less than the $9.1 billion it spent in 2018. At the same time, the cable operator expects subscriber metrics to improve, noting that churn characteristics in the former Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks systems it acquired in 2015 are getting better.

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Utilities should never be de-regulated. EX: See California Brown-Outs Circa 2001-2002

And don’t give me this: “The internet is not a utility” If it is, neither is the telephone or electricity.

You are missing the other half of the complaint.

That they are spending less and charging more because in a lot of areas they have a basic monopoly.

If they are making money hand over fist and costs are decreasing… then why are fees going up?

The problem is the CEC indoctrinates their loyalists into just spewing nonsense.

We were constantly lectured on the old forum by certain members about how net neutrality was a government take over. Not only is that literally not true it’s 100% nonsensical. Yet they were so proudly misinformed they had zero desire to go against their overlords dictating to them that net neutrality was bad.


That was the esteemed Rush Limbaugh who declared that Net Neutrality was the Fairness Doctrine for the Internet and that really wrong thing became very hard to dislodge.

Cruz was also one of the ring leaders. The proud ignorance so many on the right display is really unfortunate. They constantly take positions that harm them yet so long as they feel they’re sticking it to “teh libz!!!” then they don’t care.

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A perfect example of what happens when people expect massive money-driven corporations to do “the right thing.” If you give them a chance to make more money at the expense of the customer, they take it.

The most ironic part of it is that I see Conservatives here in this site calling for an actual internet “fairness doctrine” all the time now.