Nervous Nancy's dilemma

As you know, she was in this hair on fire emergency to rush through impeachment. Now all of the sudden. DEAD STOP. She’s sitting on it. It appears that house dems want to be able to influence how the Senate conducts it’s proceedings. The republicans had no control of how the house proceedings went, so there is no chance that the republicans will agree to anything that the Democrats want for the Senate. So what’s Nancy to do? Sit on it forever, hoping that the Senate listens to her? And what should the Senate do? Give her a dead line, then toss the case out if the deadline isn’t met? This we know for sure. The Senate doesn’t care what Nancy wants. They will do this their way. If they do it at all. Do something Nancy.

It’s election season right now. Perhaps she wants it to go to the Senate while key Senators are out on the Trail.

Perhaps. And perhaps she doesn’t know what to do after acquittal so she is delaying it. Nervous Nancy.

Best she can do at this point IMO is to try and damage some swing state elections regarding Congress. They already handed Trump the White House for another 4 years, and another 12+ year stint of Republicans in the White House is looking good lately.

Nervous Nancy indeed. That fits her on so many levels. lol

Yes, Nancy is the nervous one.


The longer she sits, the more curious the electorate will get about the delay.

“Why does the GOP’s strategy hinge entirely on avoiding accountability?”

My thoughts exactly. The projection is hilarious.

Maybe she is just waiting for more info to be dumped. Info that she couldn’t get from witnesses that the Whitehouse wouldn’t let testify.

I guess the old hen is sitting on the articles of impeachment hoping to lay more rotten article eggs. :roll_eyes: It’s all so stupid, so insulting, so unprecedented and un-Constitutional that it exposes the absurdity of leftist Democrats and their sheeple who are happy to get that asterisk after President Trumps name. :crazy_face:

You can’t make this stuff up because this idiot witch is guilty of “obstructing Congress” and “abuse of power” herself bringing new meaning to the judicial double standard that we know exists for the “above the law” Democrats.

And more is revealed about facts the administration has obstructed. Chill Nancy, chill.

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Exactly, their obstructions are being slowly leaked. :+1:

Trump is doing a pretty good job of that himself. At least a couple of GOP Senators from swing States are very likely going to lose their reelection bids due to Trump.

Hair on fire? Not a fan but……………….she put it off for a long time and has been very measured in her comments.

Aren’t they still on recess until next week?

She’s a shrieking old hag! A hideous witch! A shriveled hysterical old hen! She’s so nervous!

She’s got NOTHING! Whatcha gonna do now libs? Huh? I’ll tell ya what libs - NOTHING!!!

(Also? This post is very calm and measured)


Which party is interested in accountability? And which party is interested in scoring political points?

The correct reply will take an incredible amount of honesty.

No clue or care if she is nervous but she does know the rules of impeachment and it’s out of her hands to dictate the rules of the senate trial.

McConnel is right in this situation and I would imagine the senate doesn’t want to vote on it anyways. Why would they? It looks more ridiculous impeaching in the house and not sending to the senate while at the same time saying everything had to be acted on fast to save our republic.

And what should the Senate do? Give her a dead line, then toss the case out if the deadline isn’t met?

Probably. They have given themselves an obscene amount of vacation time. Government greed gone wild.

Well said, agree 100%