Nervous Nancy's dilemma

And what should the Senate do? Give her a dead line, then toss the case out if the deadline isn’t met?

I think they will do what McConnell said ignore it until it is sent to them by the house, which is the next step in the impeachment process. The senate didn’t get to tell the house what to do during impeachment and the house has no power in the senate. You can see the smirk from holding back laughing from the senate majority leaders face even talking about it.

So you’re thinking they may start up the house impeachments proceedings again? I certainly hope so! Maybe they can add the killing of Sole-man to the list of offenses? :blush:

If another impeachable offense comes up, yes.

You don’t understand how it works.

Eliminating Soleimon was something Pelosi did not anticipate.

This has made the D make some uncomfortable comments on foreign policy.

She is in a bad position right now.

The 2 situations are in no way related. Killing a terrorist doesnt make everything else okay.

Only in my dreams. They succeeded in completely boring the American people to death in the first two. Maybe the third time is the charm? :man_shrugging:

I’m a conservative. I don’t understand anything. But you’re stuck with me. And my vote. Sorry about your luck :rofl:

No. But it does make me feel all warm and fuzzy. :skull_and_crossbones:

After showing appropriate restraint Trump acted with decisive resolve.

The military wound warriors from Iran IED approve.

America approves. Enough was enough.

This could also lead to an honorable end to our Iraq presence.

Next to these developments impeachment sounds as insignificant as it is meritless.

Just make the Senate look even worse for being a rubber stamp minion of the Orange goblin king.

I don’t think the Senate is very worried about that. Why should they be?

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Many of them will when they get booted in 2020 for sacrificing their integrity.

Mighty bold prediction.

It will be a exciting campaign season.


The funny part is that so many liberals think Trump and Republicans are sweating this out. I see no evidence of this at all.
The option they seem to have taken is just allow Nancy to sit on this forever if she wants. What good is an impeachment if it can’t result in a conviction? Really, provide some evidence anyone cares.
They do have the option of taking over the case right now. If Trump is really impeached now, then the House has nothing more to do. “Transferal” to the Senate is not mentioned in the Constitution.

However, it seems like McConnell is taking the “do nothing” approach until Nancy decides to act.

I think he is right.

Trump has more important issues like eliminating terrorists and completing trade deals.


The 30+ tweets a day during the hearings say otherwise

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I thought he was supposed to be cowering in the closet, hiding from the wrath of Nancy. Does seem he has time to get things done for the American people.

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He’s pissed not worried. If he had anything to worry about, Nancy would not be afraid to send the impeachment to the senate.

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