Nearly 1/2 of the nations Coronavirus cases are in NY

I wonder if they’ll have any medical staff healthy enough to treat patients with them?

Or is it a consequence of having a state government focused on adequate testing as opposed to states where the pandemic is being ignored (Tennessee is a good example of the latter.)

Only among the homeless and I’m betting only a small fraction of New York’s cases are homeless because they tend to ignore what’s ailing them

How, please, has the Governor of Tennessee ignored the pandemic?


No COVID 19 testing in Tennessee?


Is that order for last week or was it just made this morning?

No ■■■■■ People are getting tested.

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Apparently, so do you.


What does this mean?

I don’t think so. The more likely cause of spread is the closeness of some religious groups.

Yes. You can stop right there.

As was true of the 2019 measles outbreak

The Governor has had a number of press conferences on the matter.

Besides who needs to have a Governor tell them they are safer at home? People are paying attention and don’t need to be led by the hand.

Other than some on the left i suppose. :thinking:

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Did anyone learn anything from that?

A lot of people do. Do they even know who their governor is?

I don’t think people around here need it. Well maybe Nashville and Memphis.

The blue spots in a red state.

Restaurants and entertainment centers don’t get shut down by people paying attention. That takes an order from the Governor and/or President

You mean highly populated cities?

Are you suggesting people not in highly populated cities may be less dependent on government and think outside of the box? :face_with_monocle:

We had some restaurants locally shut down except for take out a week or more ago without any instructions from the governor. :sunglasses:

Try again.


Some? Not all?