Nearly 1/2 of the nations Coronavirus cases are in NY

Looks like this is one of the the potential negative consequences of packing in as many people as possible in such a small space (most of the cases are in NY City), along with an open borders type policies.

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Poison on the ant hills.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has just said NYC needs ventilators and masks this week; if not lives will be lost as a consequence.

Here we go…

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NYC has also tested waaaaay more than any other state. Doubling the amount of testing that CA has done (with half the population)

It’s bad there but with more testing, we will see numbers jump significantly.

Basically what expert told us would happen


How does closing borders to immigration stop a virus?

You do realize patient zero in the US was not an immigrant, but a US citizen who traveled to ground zero in China, and brought the virus back with him?

I don’t like illegal immigration any more than you do, but you need to stop and think. Seriously.


That open border talking point had nothing to do with the current crisis. It’s up there with the nonsense people are making that this is only impacting so-called liberal led states. It’s ridiculous.

Small price to pay for theaters and restaurants.


It did in Europe. Did it in Mexico?

So does that mean the virus is actively spreading or are they testing and finding existing infections.
Not a gotcha question, just one that I have.

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It must be hell for them to not be able to go to the convenience store at midnight on a whim.

Convenience store? They call them bodegas. It’s way cool.

I’m supposed to be an old man. :man_shrugging:

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Mitigate…not stop.


Let’s not talk too bad about New York. Our president and gracious host both hail from there.

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Might conditions generated by homelessness account for spread of Coronavirus in New York?

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