NBC:oneunderscore "White supremacist groups” like the Proud Boys — not Antifa — are the ones creating "organized violence“

I see some obscure unheard of so called right wing groups thrust into the spotlight.


BLM and auntie fah who have been media mainstays since 2009.

Does not balance.

Does not sound plausible.


Excuse me ! It’s the rabid liberal terrorist animals rioting, burning, stealing and killing .

It’s like the Boogaloos don’t exist in your world.

There’s a hell of a lot of folks trying to convince us all now to not believe our own eyes about the liberal corrupt group BLM and their pet project Antifa.They now try to ‘convince’ Americans the entire summer of burning neighborhoods was all in our imagination. :rofl:


Sad thing is they believe it.

Guess it didn’t play too well for the left and dem politicians so let the gas lighting begin!

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What group had a member arrested for murdering two police officers this past summer?

White supremacist rabid liberal liberal terrorist animals included in the criminal riots .

Paintballs are defensive weapons and the pellets don’t even hurt that much, dontcha know?

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The same day if the debate the FBI was issuing an intelligence report focused on far right domestic violence.

NBC is playing to the low information voters.


Hey now, people should be nicer to NBC. It’s the last money Trump actually earned came from that network from the business documentary “The Apprentice”.

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Don’t believe our lying eyes? :grin:

No, no in our imaginations, just coming from our side. Like you know, when the far right rioted and burned in Minneapolis leaving love George Floyd murals in their wake.


Since 2009? Are you sure about that?

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Not right-wing. Are protesting with BLM.

I’d love to see a lefty’s take on these asshats. Not a link, please use your own words.

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Condemning violence no matter who does it isn’t enough for you?

If a group murdered some people in a totally unrelated incident, how could left groups be the major ones involved in burning buildings and riotings? Is that the question?

Haven’t several of the BLM leaders stated they support the looting and rioting? Business’s “have insurance”.
“The chicken’s have come home to roost.”


“Property is not more important than black lives”