NBC:oneunderscore "White supremacist groups” like the Proud Boys — not Antifa — are the ones creating "organized violence“

NBC and the rest of the media thinks the majority of the people are stupid. So according to NBC’S own oneunderscore stated. Once again you have the media, Biden and Democrats defend Antifa and BLM for the organized violence and terror without providing any actual evidence.

"White supremacist groups” like the Proud Boys — not Antifa — are the ones creating "organized violence“ and “domestic terror”

This notion of Antifa, of being some kind of organized group is laughable … it’s a falsehood to claim equivalency between an ideology and organized hate violence groups.”

After watching the live streams for the past three months i have to say it sure looks like a organized riot and protest how is that not being organized group media? when they are given aid and catch and release policy?


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Here’s some right wing organization of violence.


Proud Boy felon got popped in Portland today.




Here’s a good link on both ANTIFA and how right wing groups organize. It’s a lot looser than most people think, or can relate to.

From the onset of the protests I have posted articles from various agencies that have said that the majority of the folks doing the burning and violence have been far-left and far-right anti-government extremists who are most of the time from out of state.
And the majority of arrests for violence have not been folks associated with Antifa/BLM.
Now I’m not saying that there are some bad apples in those groups. But the OP has a constant history of posting that only those two groups are responsible. And the facts just don’t back that up.


Hey TC. Good to see you back!

Decentralized, compartmentalized cells. Nothing new. Right out of the Insurgent Handbook.

Goes back to Jewish Gs fighting the Romans at least.


ironic your source is Bellingcat very questionable source. Knowing what kind of things in the past this Bellingcat has claimed in the past before, they even tried to blame a Missile attack on Aleppo University claiming that they had proof but failed to it show.

A bit ironic your defending the far leftists like BLM and Anatifa.

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But Bellingcat has not taken into the look of BLM and Anatifa how very well they are organized and had being organized for months.

Normal riots end quickly and without incidents these riots that had happened were organized. And many in Portland were started by the far left not the right. Again its a bit ironic your trying to use Biden’s and democrats memo talking point when considering many of the riots were started by the far left. And many of these antifa,BLM rioters were quickly released after they were arrested by Portland police i had being following this.

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For what its worth antifa and BLM seem organized and supplied. That user provided a questionable source like Bellingcat which ironical had being cheering the Syrian rebels side.

BLM is well funded and organized at the top.

ANTIFA is operating as a decentralized compartmentalized insurgency. Somebody is schooling the leaders.

Both of them originate in universities. Much like the Shining Path.


They have been lowering the bar over the past few years on what “Far Right” means. I don’t back any of these groups but from what I have read the proud boys if anything are misogynists which I don’t approve of, but that is not Far Right. Golden Dawn in Greece is Far Right, and they are a few far right groups in Europe. So far the only ones I have seen myself in America in terms of groups not lone wolfs are some of the groups that were at Charlottesville in 2017. Patriot Prayer is not far right.

Really dude. Stop with the left or right BS in all of this. These folks are extremists. We should not care that they are aligned with a political side. We need to call them out for what they are. And if you want to bring up Portland again I would suggest that you look at the video of the idiots driving down the streets spraying bystanders with paint balls and pepper spray in trucks waving Trump flags.

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I’ve heard Trump condemn white supremist.
But most of the left still can’t bring themselves to condemn antifa and blm.
No they spend all their time trying to cover up the things that these two groups are doing by pointing to someone else.


Then you have not been listening or watching news networks that do not carry all of the stories.
Biden has come out multiple times condemning violence in the street no matter what group is doing it.

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But according to you and the leftist he has to condemn antifa and blm by name and he has to do this every day on national tv. If he does not than he condones the rioting, looting and burning that is being done by antifa and blm.

Every day? Please, examples of this demand. Specific examples.

And again I will have to say this. It is not Antifa and BLM that is causing the violence. So prove me wrong.
I have posted many reports. Did you not read them? The evidence is clear. Officials including the Director of the FBI have said as much. Antifa and BLM are not exclusively responsible for this violence.
And if you are believing Trump and Barr you are being mislead. Read the reports.

And yet where the buildings burn and and looters loot and people are pulled out of trucks and beaten, there you will find BLM and antifa supporters. So prove me wrong.
Is it just coincidence?