Nazi Comparisons Are Not Permitted and will result in Suspensions

Comparisons and references of current events, organizations and individuals to the Nazi Party of Germany and its infamous leader are not permitted. Posts of this nature will be deleted and the member making the post will be sanctioned.


Does this include Ukraine, or is this reserved for domestic discussions?

It involves current references or comparisons. Historic facts, without comparing current individuals, groups or events, may, upon review, be suitable as historic reference. Pointing out that Russia claims there are Nazis in Ukraine is a singular accurate point of fact. References and debates as to whether they are or aren’t is making comparison between the present and the German Nazis of WW II and is not permitted. The term Nazi is creeping into the boards as discussion points. That will cease now.


Thank you

The way I see it, there is nothing going on in the world that is comparable to Nazi Germany…nothing!

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be vigilant about rise of ruthless authoritarian regimes using similar tactics to achieve certain goal.

That’s why I’m big advocate of cutting legs out from authoritarians that’s moving into direct to unacceptable course that can lead to unthinkable.

That’s my two cents worth…


Current discussions can be made without referring to, or comparing to, Nazis of WW II. This isn’t a debate. I am simply making public notice that there will be Moderator enforcement of the prohibition against Nazi comparisons and references.

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Oh I agree…if you’re talking about Ukraine conflict. That war IMO is about resources and geopolitics.

I cringe when I see those references.

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So do I. Ukrainian war has become a NATO proxy war. Innocents are being killed and put in harms way as an east - west proxy.

I am talking about all instances where comparison is made between current persons, events or organizations and the Nazis of WW II. It is that simple. Again not here to hash it over, this is a notice that it is being monitored and will not be tolerated.


I agree with you 100%. Thank you for bringing it up.

Are comparisons to Czechoslovakia 1938 still fine?

Comparisons between the Nazis of WW II and current individuals, events or organizations are not permitted. The wording used in individual posts will determine if Godwin’s Law and a comparison to WW II Nazis has occurred.

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Just checking- linking to pro-Russian articles accusing Ukraine of being backed or run by Nazis is still okay?

Probably best to not use the rules of the forum to stifle discussion based on what you think is acceptable. There are no Facebook/Twitter fact checkers here, and that’s a good thing.

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For example- is a post like this allowed?

Why are we giving Ukraine ANY military assistance?
Because there is no scum on earth, in this case actual Nazis, that the US government will not get in bed with to advance global hegemony.

or this?

Are we funding, training, and arming Russian neo-Nazis?

I see no reason for American taxpayers to fund neo-Nazis and similar groups.

Neo-Nazi =/=Nazi

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This sounds dumb to me. What prompted this?

The fact that the Russian’s accuse them of being Nazis is a current fact of Russian accusations/conduct. It will not be allowed to progress from Russia making the allegation to a debate of whether they are, or are not Nazis. There are plenty of ways to discuss political sub divisions without the Nazi label.

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Direct references of “Nazis” and direct comparisons to Hitler have been observe recently. The forum rule on it is simple. Nazi references and comparisons are only allowed in strict historical discussions and usage. Use your words if you want to describe why, in your opinion, an individual or group is a bad player. Just pick you words.

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