Natural resources: Liz is completely clueless

She’s got a fev-ah, and the only prescription is, more government. She want’s to hire 10,000 new federal workers to “rebuild the national forests and fight climate change.” Totally and ignoring how her party is helping to destroy our natural resources. She favors granting anyone in the world permission to live in our country in unlimited numbers. This is democratic insanity. Nothing threatens are natural resources and wildlife habitat more than adding a million or more foreign nationals to our population every year. Nothing is even close. Unlimited numbers. She would have no problem with 20 million people coming in each year. And somehow that is supposed to have no affect on our national resources? Is the lady stupid, ignorant, dishonest or all of the above?

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I’m not seeing the issue you have.

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She’s in favor of unlimited immigration? What’s that have to do with trees?


All of the above. Warren would totally destroy the economy. Great Depression Part 2.

Bring it on!!! /s

Seriously? Did you actually ask that question as if you don’t know? So in your opinion importing 50 million more people into our county will have a neutral environmental effect? Jeez dude, even my wife’s 4th grade students can figure this out.

There was a time, not too long ago when liberals agreed with this obvious point. Why did they change their minds?

And yes, she is in favor of unlimited immigration.

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10,000 federal employees, raise your hand.

OK, you 10,000, go build trees.

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Votes. Legal or illegal. They don’t care which.

Yes. How do these 50 million people affect the environment more by living in the US than elsewhere? Its not like they are being produced out of thin air

Where, in the link you provided, does she say what you say she said?

She was asked about “alternatives to military service.” In other words rather than having the poor go into military service as an alternative to joblessness (military service being soldiers sent oversees to “protect oil” or help the Saudis do God knows what (what Trump is using them for currently), they’d be working here like the Conservation Corps used to do.

Maybe they could even be used to repair our infrastructure which was dire under Obama and which hasn’t improved since.

Ask people living in Florida or California. Where they suffer water shortages and power outages every year. Florida sink holes are caused because much of the ground water is being removed. The Colorado river completely disappears before it reaches the sea. All of the water has been syphoned off. The Florida Panther is all but extinct, Can you guess why? One of the places that I used to go to get back to nature has been paved. The trees knocked down. Try driving more than 50 miles on the day before Thanksgiving. Then tell me we need 50 million more people. We can’t absorb the worlds over flow.

Dude, you shouldn’t depend on me to find these answers for you.

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But in your OP you only stated she wanted to put 10 million to work.

I agree that Florida has been destroyed and California is well on the way…let’s hope Trump starts investing in infrastructure in the Middle East so the illegals will go over there. That’s a serious statement. If we can make other places palatable for people to live, perhaps that’d give us a respite so we can rebuild Florida’s naturalism.

I do think that’d be a better use of our tax dollars than having them on welfare here.

Do we need less people?

It’s not in the link. What is her plan to screen people for entry into this country? How many would she allow in and why? Who would she deport and why? How would she prevent border crashers? Or is everybody welcome to enter as they please?

If she has any plan to address any of this, please show it to me. If she has no plan to limit the numbers, that means unlimited numbers. Right?

We need to know our limitations. So far, every democratic candidate is in favor of increasing our population through unlimited immigration. Without unlimited immigration our population would be fairly steady. I’m okay with steady.

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Is the limitation less than 50 million more people?

I live in California. Neither of that is happening

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She has NO chance of EVER being elected POTUS.

Don’t think we need 50 million more.

More like eleventy gabillion!