National WAS test Wed 2:18 pm eastern -- you've been warned

Wednesday October 3rd at 2:18 pm Eastern Time, the federal government is going to initiate a wireless emergency alert. If your phone is turned on (even in silent mode), it is going to make the most gawdaful sound you’ve ever heard followed by an annocement that it is a test. 2 minutes later a test of the emergency alert system (radio and tv) will go off.

This Test of the WAS predates The Don. Was passed and signed by Obama in 2016. Law specifies the first test of the system to occure within 3 years of passage. It was scheduled for a couple weeks ago, but the hurricane on the east coast caused a delay to the back up date.

So if you don’t want gawdaful sounds from you cell phone, only choice is to turn it OFF before the test is issued and leave it off during the test.

I already got those noises everytime an Amber alert was issued for 2 states away from me. Very annoying, very pointless, and I don’t blame any president past of current for those. I blame myself for not having disabled such alerts on my phone. After the 3rd time it happened I did so, because I am an IT guy and I know how.

A lot of phones you can not disable the alert. it’s set up that way by the phone manufacturers, and cell phone companies.

perfect time for a Canadian invasion! hopefully the test goes well emergency system are important.

Provide the manufacturer and OS.

Ummm what?

Which manufacturer and which carrier puts out a device that this alert cannot be disabled?

I heard on the news that there is no ability to opt out of this. Are you talking about something different?

There will be no opt out, starting Oct 3rd we will receive a loud alert on our phones anytime Trump tweets.

They system is designed so that it over rides. That’s my understanding. Since the law was passed phones have to be able to pass through this alert.

There is no opt out. Good odds if your phone is turned on, you will get the alert.

I’ve already set my alarm to turn off my phone for an hour.

When I talked to the Verizon person weeks ago, the only way to avoid the message is to turn off the phone for a while around the time of the alert.

That’s my understanding.

There are a few small regional or local cell phone companies that are not complient yet, their towers won’t pass the signal out to phones. But those will be far and few between.

My Samsung Galaxy has the “presidential alert” than stays on. There’s no option to turn it off.

I’m ready!


Somewhere, a recording studio engineer is going to be really really ticked off tomorrow.

But at least you can silence it. FEMA notes that “Consumers should receive a visual message if their phone is on silent.” So you can’t block the president’s text, but you can silence it, at least.

Next thing you know we’ll be like China and have a “grading” system by the U.S. government based on what we buy. Statism, statism everywhere…

As far as the sound goes, if it’s just for a split second it shouldn’t be too bad. Just a moment of my ears bleeding and that’s it.