NASCAR says goodbye to the confederate flag

“The presence of the confederate flag at NASCAR events runs contrary to our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all fans, our competitors and our industry. Bringing people together around a love for racing and the community that it creates is what makes our fans and sport special. The display of the confederate flag will be prohibited from all NASCAR events and properties.”

I will have to go to at least 5 races in the next two years to show my support.





Never thought I’d live to see it either.

There hope for humanity yet…


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Now sit back and watch the reaction…

next up the stone mountain memorial should go

good for them

don’t care

Nascar teams these days have the brain power to engineer their own space programs.

I imagine most of them weren’t making many visits to the campgrounds that were flying the rebel flag and no one will miss those pennies if they choose to never come back.

Smart business move, should continue this trend nicely.

Hey, did republicans take over nascar? I mean it is their playbook, appease the left, lose their constituency.

All auto racing has seen a downturn in recent years.

I think it’s the younger generations. They aren’t Gear heads anymore.

I’m a gear head. But I’m the only one of my friends who is. I still try to catch a Grand Prix once in a while. I was always into Formula One. NASCAR never thrilled me.

Desperation. lol

Because an entity doing anything to acknowledge the humanity of black people, or any minority, suddenly has to be “appeasing the left”.



Last poll I saw on it, 50% of the country didn’t have a problem with that flag, any guesses whether they are on the right or left?

Awesome. As a result, I’ll go to exactly as many NASCAR races as I did before - and that number resembles the shape of the NASCAR track.


It will harder to identify the racists now.

So, you think 50% of the country is racist? I mean not a lot of difference between flying it and not having a problem if other people do is there?

Just give it time. 50% of millennials consider the flag a symbol of racism.

See if that helps nascar make a profit. And doesn’t that mean 50% of them don’t anyway?

Millennials ? I would’ve thought it’s more like 90% w/ millenials.

what racists?

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