Nancy “No Negotiations” Pelosi

Well, lookie here.

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If Trump is such a deal maker can you explain why he was unable to make a deal with his own party for 2 years when they controlled it all.

I have asked this question repeatedly and Trump supporters either cannot or will not answer it.

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Even with support of both Chambers he would need 60 votes in Senate to get approval of the wall. That would mean he would need some Democratic votes.

Oddly, with the shutdown he may finally get that.


I found a couple of dollars under there. It’s was great!

The Republicans for years threw me under there when it came to
the wall, but Trump gave me a hand back up.

I live on the bus now, and not under it. It’s a lot warmer, and safer too.
Has anyone ever thrown you under the bus before?

Release the Hostages!!

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Never negotiate with Terrorists. Even if he is the President

So the fact remains that Trump was able to negotiate a deal. I thought this was his specialty? We were told that Trump can out-negotiate anyone. 3 years into his presidency and I am still waiting to see proof of this.

LOL so once again its’s Trump playing 4D chess.

I love this fallback argument - when all else fails just talk about how Trump is thinking so far ahead and making such a complicated chess play that us mere mortals cannot comprehend it.

I don’t support amensty for adults that have entered the courty illegally, but legislation should be able to stand or fail on it’s own merits - not on whether the President can old the paychecks of 800,000 federal employees and another 500,000 contractors hostage.

You do know that the Republicans requested to pay, not backpay when the shutdown is over, but furloughed workers right now and the Democrats voted against paying those furloughed workers right now right?This is not even a vote on funding the wall. 222-195 against, so it is Democrats who are crassly using furloughed workers as weapons against Trump, talking about people can’t pay their mortgages, but refuses to pay them right now. Can you honestly defend that and still say it is the Republicans fault that those furloughed workers not getting paid?

In Virginia, new comers, anti-Trumpers Jennifer Wexton and Abigail, Abigail won by maybe one percent over Dave Brat voted against paying the workers. This vote will be used against her, and Wexton.

It is like Pelosi & Schumer are running a cult. Democrats must obey lock stock & barrel. They did that against tax cuts which reduced taxes for most people. None disobeyed their dear leaders. Schumer has been cracking the whip, and that is why no Democrats wanted to vote against their dear leader Schumer in the last session. That is why Trump couldn’t get 9 votes last session nor most likely 7 in this session.

Sorry mate the cult label firmly belongs with Trump supporters. Even Trump himself has said he could shoot someone and his supporters would not waver. Now thats a cult.

Again, we were told time and time again that Trump is a best in classs negotiator so the fact he has FAILED time and time again to negotiate anything of substance is on Trump - no one else.

The reality is that being in charge of a family business when you are not accountable to shareholders or anyone else, its easy to “negotiate” and walk away. Trump is now finding that the art of the deal is much harder in real life when you are accountable to someone other than your else.

You should read that bill a bit closer.

This narrative was destroyed in another thread.

Who is feeding this to you guys?

I’d love know the same thing. There’s no way this comes up twice without it being piped in from some other source.

Look, I didn’t even like Trump originally, I know his personality issues. I held my nose in voting for him, because of the alternative. Politics is a lot harder than business, and I knew it wasn’t going to be that easy, I never thought so. However, the Democrats are lock stock & barrel and it ain’t easy to break through when they go lock stock & barrel. I myself am not one of the ones who really thought his negotiating style would work in politics, I voted for him, because of the prolife issue, and he has been solid on that, and I do not want open borders, which is having negative effects.

Most people are realists, I never thought that he could magically persuade hard core people like Schumer & Pelosi. I’d actually prefer that he went over Pelosi & Schumer’s head & consulted with people like Joe Manchin, Doug Jones in the Senate & others in the house like Abigailin Virginia who won by 1 percent in a district in Virginia, and those Orange County Democrats in districts that just turned blue, by only 1 or 2 points, but are fairly conservative, that he might get to actually vote on these issues. I don’t think he’s handled it the right way.

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So are you saying this is wrong?

The Hill is not some right wing blog

You missed it.


The Hill isn’t always the most reliable.

You know the bill your vote referred to? The bill was passed yesterday.

Passed by a lot of Democrats.

Trump would be considered a Grand Master of chess strategic wise.

That’s a rating of 2,500 or more.

The Democratic Politicians, I’d give an honest 1,600 to.