Naked or Burkini? A very creative way to push back at Islam

You’re dodging. Will you avoid this question for a third time?

Sharia is the most oppressive dress code on Earth. Am I right?

So any predictions on when someone is going to attempt to just outright ban Islam? Seems to be heading in that direction.

No, it does not seem to be heading in that direction. In case you didn’t notice. There is mass importation of Islam. But in much of the Islamic world, Christians are banned and subject to genocide. Same with gays. What’s your opinion of that?

Islam is the most oppressive religion on Earth. Am I right?

Sheria law isnt the law in france so no

You’re still dodging :blush:

Sharia is the most oppressive dress code on Earth. Am I right?

I could really careless.

Conservatives tried to ban the Hajab here in Canada, they got laughed at.

That’s because you, me and the entire world all knows that Sharia is in fact the most oppressive, gay killing, woman owning, anti diverse force on Earth. But you are free to continue to suck up to them.

how is letting people wear a stupid scarf on their head sucking up to Islam? I don’t care what people wear on their head.

Do you care if they oppress, torture, imprison or kill gays? Because, when they have control, that’s what they do.

so we shouldn’t let Muslim citizen vote?

What country is that?

In the U.S., the most dangerous people are white, “christian” men. Hide your women and children.

If the rule makes no sense then they should change it.

Can you source this?

Sharia is different depending on culture, sect and region. But the one you are thinking of, I agree.

The issue about fibers and materials has already been answered.

This comes down to a question of whether a society can allow people to practice religion freely or whether the government should decide what religious practice is acceptable. Clearly you believe that government regulation is best. Shall we regard that as a general principle or do you only favor government regulation when it conforms to your beliefs?

Yeah, well, after reading your link, no one is actually staging any counter protest. It’s just a couple people on social media who are posting stuff like, “oh yeah, well then if they want to wear a burkini then we should go naked! Hardy har har!”

Breitbart is reporting social media trolling like it’s actual news. Gawd.

Are they also going to ban fat dudes from wearing tshirts while swimming to hide their rolls?

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To be honest I really could care less about the burkini. There are some real questions about Islam in the western world and the effects it will have especially in Europe but the burkini seems to be the lowest point of a frivolous argument. The fact that France is making this their battle means they have already lost.

I would start with the grooming gangs, knife, acid attacks, hatred of Jews, as well the obvious integration issues.