Naked or Burkini? A very creative way to push back at Islam

As we know, many times Islamic migrants move to an area then demand that the locals conform to their needs. Here is an example. Muslims in one French community are demanding that the community pool allow Sharia compliant swimwear. Aka, the Burkini. Basically they are asking that they be allowed to swim fully clothed. The for sanitary reasons, filtering and other concerns, the only item allowed for swimming is a swimsuit. This is not acceptable under Sharia law. So the Muslims are staging protests where they ignore the rules and wear whatever they chose. How are the members of the community responding? Well we are talking about the French, right? They will be staging a counter protest where they will be swimming naked. Let’s see what Sharia law says about that! What a creative way to push back at bullies. This should be fun!


Interesting story.

We must watch this one very closely.



There is no difference between a swimsuit and a burkini

Do you know why they are banned? You might want to do some research.

I welcome that counter-protest with open arms.

Hopefully they’re also BBQing some pork chops on the beach while lounging naked.

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They are made out of the same material as swimsuits

It’s not a beach. It’s a pool. In France you are allowed to swim in the ocean wearing a parka and ski bibs if you so choose.

People think of them as a symbol of female oppression and it offends them, so they ban them.

How are they making the French conform to Islam? They aren’t making the French wear burkinis, are they? They are just asking that their swimwear choice be accommodated. It doesn’t seem like a big deal. If it is there same fabric, what’s the big deal? Why ban the burkini?

The French government is aggressively secularist, and they’ve adopted a zero tolerance policy on a lot of religious garb. Started with head/face coverings that hid an individual’s features and now they’re simply trying to be consistent.

They are demanding that the French change their rules to accommodate Islam. Rather than do that. Maybe they should go somewhere that IS ALREADY sharia compliant?

They do not allow people to swim fully clothed because it is unsanitary and the excess fibers clog the filters.

Burkini are neither unsanitary or clog drains anymore then a normal swimsuit

Nothing more free then dress code police

I think you mispelled eyes

You mean like Sharia? Sharia is the most oppressive dress code on Earth. Am I right? This French community is hanging on for dear life. They have had a massive number of Muslim migrants forced on them. The Muslim population will continue to grow. When it reaches 51 percent, the burkini will no longer be an option. It will be required.

Sure. Spend 15 minutes on a nude beach and you will no longer notice that anyone is naked.

Keep the fear mongering for yourself.

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I have seen literally hundreds, if not thousands of naked women on the beach.

I would if it was fear mongering. It happens to be reality.

Sharia is the most oppressive dress code on Earth. Am I right?

So to combat opressive dress code you need to enforce your own dress code makes sense