Naked or Burkini? A very creative way to push back at Islam

It’s only a problem because Muslims want to wear it. Someone not Muslim could and it would not be a thing. This highlights how it is anti Muslim and for that sake only.

Ok, I hope they’re BBQing some pork chops by the pool then

Guys. The phrase is “I couldn’t care less.” To say you could care less is to say you care about this issue to a certain degree.

I could care less when people make this silly mistake. I just choose this battle because nobody else is going to fight it.


We’re also the sexiest. So there’s that.

Okay. I finally got it. I’m a little slow today. Not bad. :smirk:

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Orthodox Jews aren’t that far off. Even some have gone so far as to completely cover themselves in plastic when flying because its against their religion to fly over a cemetery. The women wear scarves and full dress etc. Do you have issues with them as well?

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Yep. They’ve turned London into a hell hole. London is no longer a British city. Crime is way up, Their murder rate is higher than New York city. And they insist on continuing the madness. Adding more and more every year. Sad. They have voluntarily imported the force that wants to overtake them. And they are still too stupid or too afraid to recognize it.

Maybe a little. But it’s not close to Sharia. Not even in the same ball park. They are not a religion of conquest. They have no problem with others practicing a different religion. And they do not torture or kill gays. There are no honor killings and nobody gets sentenced to death for blasphemy for leaving the religion. Orthodox Jews are not threat to civilization. They don’t knock over buildings, they don’t chant “death to America” They don’t burn people alive in cages. etc. I gave you an honest answer. Now you give me one.

You take Issue with Orthodox Jews. Do you take issue with Sharia?

You didn’t miss the point did you.

Thanks for straightening him out. /s

You didn’t miss my reply did you?

Thanks for jumping to conclusions. (If you get a chance, check message 44. :blush:)

How many reported you? :wink:

I think 150-ish? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I like, “I could care less.”

I want you to know I could care less but you’re not worth the effort.



Lots of things “seem” to libs.

A lack of caring about something takes effort?

Hmm. Should this swimwear be allowed?
How about this?


I didn’t miss it. I didn’t read it until about 40 posts after I responded. I jumped to the correct conclusion based on available facts at the time.

ETA: And apparently you agreed according to Post 44.

At my age, changing my mind takes effort.

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