My solution for school shooting

I don’t think gun control will solve school shooting. And let us forget 2nd amendment right debate. But I believe everyone here believe that we need a better campus gun safety. Honestly, arming the teachers or police on site may not help either as we can see that police can be a cower in some case like Florida.
Here is my solution: Develop a small palm size drone (already available), if possible, controlled by AI. Any time it detect shooting it will fly to disable the shooter. To safe guard against potential error, we need to arm the drone with tranquilizer and/or stun gun. Since it does not need to worry about being shot by the shooter, it can even hovering above the shooter and demand him to put down the weapon without deploying the stun gun. If every classsroom has one of these in the door way, a school has 20-30 of such can deal with 10-20 people effectively. I know that there are potential hacking issue, potential errors etc, but without a deadly weapon, they are quite effective. As for hacking, they usually from people with high IQ whereas a lot of campus shooters have mental defects.


need a way to identify someone with a gun. need a way to discriminate good guys with guns from bad guys with guns.
Need an override feature in case the stuff above fails. Need to swarm.

these things are solvable

  1. I am not tech person, but I don’t think not be that hard to identify someone with a gun. 2. We really not need to discriminate good vs bad with guys. Unarmed policeman/students/teachers can over power anyone without a gun. Once the shooter is disarmed, the mass shooting ends. We can always give police a way to disarm the drone, but this may create some back doors. 3. 10-20 drones can deal with any one or two shooters effectively. A tech company can make billion by selling this to any school, company, mall etc, such incentive will make sure that competition for the best product on the market. They will not be a problem in blue states either. We are not talking about arming teachers any more.

Yes, I am proposing an alternative version of this killer drone (slaughterbot).
We may not need such sophisticate version at all.

Slaughterbot isn’t real. It’s a mock product presentation

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I’m thinking Jack1 may be a mock presentation as well.

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we need to stop people before they get to the level they feel the need to shoot up a school, its not a gun issue its a people issue.

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you know you just made a public disclosure.

So you want to go for Minority Report and Thought Crimes?

better in school and community mental health care.

people don’t just wake up one day and go “I’m going to murder a dozen people”

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Or we might want take a look at whether it is a good idea to prescribe drugs that list “homicidal ideation” as an acceptable side-effect.



you know you just made a public disclosure.

While I will not personally benefit from this or even try to, I know a company that might be interested in exploring the technology. It is a big company and they would not make much off if it either… in comparison with what else they do. And the method of development would be teams of relatively new engineers and their graybeard mentors competing for the best solution. Unless there is an RFI or RFP from a deep pocketed organization (like the government), they won’t use standard development methods.

It would take years to do this… being as how big companies are slow. So maybe a small agile company could field something faster.

WAIT… SBIR… small business innovative research may be the answer. five % of all federal r&d is set aside for SBIRs. enough public talk.

someone go do.

Community Mental Health care, what is that specifically?

And It sounds like this student was bullied. How do you prevent Bullying to make a kid or a person Snap?

I think the Drug prescribed to young adults is a big issue. I remember one drug the doctor gave my daughter and all the side effects were amplified when she took it. We stopped giving her that day when we saw what it was doing to her.

Actually I think many do. Or they Plan it.
Like I said I heard this kid was bullied so eventually kids will snap when Bullied.
We can’t stop people from being Bullied can we?

The first time a drone tases a kid with a gun-shaped pop tart there will be widespread outrage. :wink:

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This has problems on so many levels:

Palm size droan would have extremely limited use as it won’t be able to lift anything usefull. DJI quads (most popular out there) can lift about a pound.

Would need a significantly larger drone than “palm sized” to carry a camera and a tranquilzer or stun gun. (camera is to find the target).

Shooter is inside. Celing height it what – 10 to 12 feet if that. You’ll need room between droan and celding. Shooter would be able to knock it out of the air with barrel/stock/handle of gun.

Inside a building there is no way, no how you will reliably get a droan to hover in a doorway. GPS doesn’t make it into the building. If you’ve ever flow a drone without GPS and gyrosope only . . . you know that a hallway, let alone a doorway is not really an option for a droan of any significan size.

Droans small enought to navigate indoor hallways and doorways would be completely and utterly useless.

I’ve been flying droans for about 4 years now – so this is experience talking. My halloween “skeliquade” has a payload of just under 1/4 pound. Gets off the ground fairely easily. My 30 min battery time is cut down to 10 minutes of flight tie.

i propose something closer to this:

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made me LOL.