My Prediction of Who Will Win the New York 14th Congressional District, Cortez or Pappas is:

Joseph Crowley

You think he’s going to win on the WFP line?

I think Crowley is a fundraising cash cow and Cortez couldn’t raise enough to buy a subsidized school lunch. And i don’t think the political machine wants to lose that income.

So what do you see playing out?

How do you expect the “political machine” will influence the election?

How did it play out when it happened to Sanders?

That’s one way to ensure Dems lose in November.

It didn’t. Sanders lost because less people voted for him than voted for Clinton - not because of the “political machine”.

Cortez, on the other hand, won the election.

Are you saying that you believe the D-trip will secretly support Crowley on another party’s ballot line? How will they do it?

Tell me what you think will happen. I don’t think it’s a difficult question to ask.