My personal experience of "white privilege."

If a large segment of the population is offended by a racial label that is being used on them. Then stop using it. Just don’t. Respect their wishes.

Now for me.

I am not privileged. Not one bit. I was never given ANY advantage that had anything to do with my race. Not one time.

I was in my mid thirties before I ever made over 25k. I know what poor is. I know what it’s like to eat a ham and cheese sandwich without the ham. I know what it’s like to drive a rusty Pinto or a Pacer as a " family car." I know what it’s like to take family “vacations” for years in a hot tent. I know what it’s like to see a river of water flow through the basement of my 1200 square foot house every time it rains. I know what it’s like to hang clothes in the same damp basement in winter because the dryer broke. I know what it’s like to breakdown in the middle of nowhere and have no idea how I would get home. My wife’s friends would sometimes follow her home because they thought her car would not make it. I know what it’s like to go to night school for four years to get a two year degree while working for peanuts. I have surely not been privileged in ANY imaginable way. I got less than I earned. My race gave me NOTHING .

How you dare call me “white privileged!” You have no right. You have no idea. Call yourself that decisive term if you must. Don’t use it on me.


your experience stands to reason

white privilege is a ■■■■■■■■ leftist myth

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An entire thread based on a strawman and allegory. “White privilege” doesn’t assert that every white person is not poor. And, it isn’t only about one’s own financial status.

Yet again, another thread exemplifying another reason why Republicans can’t attract minority voters.


White privilege exist, so does income privilege.

You don’t need to use this term. If people find it racially offensive. You should not.

Not for me. Or millions like me. Find a term that doesn’t include us.

sure as colleges struggle to meet their white admissions quota huh?

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If you think white privilege exist or not is not relevant to reality.

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It doesn’t exist for me. Or millions like me. Don’t claim I was privileged. I was not. Not even close. Did you even read my story?

And an insult to millions of non privileged people. I consider it to be hate speech.

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non whites aren’t as privileged as whites

except when a nonwhite is elected to the presidency

Your story isnnot relevant to reality that minorities most notable black face institutionalized racism.

probably because you werent handed things in life due to your race

I would appreciate not being labeled as “white privileged.” I find it demeaning, hateful and false. Do you have a problem with not using this label on people like me?

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True. My brother handed me the keys to his rusted out 1974 Ford Pinto fire bomb that smelled of gasoline. I can’t believe I let my wife drive it. :weary:

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This conversation isn’t about you its about the institutionalized racism faced my minorities.

That Obama allowed to stand in eight years as President? There is no institutionalized racism. There is the occasional government employee who gets away with because they aren’t caught but it isn’t sanctioned under our laws.

i fixed typo to “werent” btw but ha yes there was a pinto in my life too. as a teenager. right after i spent a year as homeless

a yellow pinto wagon

i forget the model year. thinking late 70’s

Do you mind if I request my thread be merged with yours please?

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And cheese sandwiches? Spoiled, it was spaghetti with my famous ketchup sauce in my salad days. Bologna was cheaper than cheese too. But mostly I lived on the leftovers on people’s plates in my dishwashing job.