My NRA thread was deleted?

Can some one tell me why my thread about the NRA being a big donor to the GOP was deleted? I don’t know what rule was broken by posting…


Maybe it was moved to the 2A forum?

couldn’t find it there. Maybe I missed it…

Probably was deleted as a “troll thread.”

Call out most likely…remove the tag…

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but isn’t that what the tag feature is for? To make people aware of your post?

But, I suppose you are right.

Sure but you intent was different…

Its dumb…but everything lately is

You’re not allowed to use the features of the board. Many are against the invisible rules.

I remember seeing the title, but didn’t go into the thread.

There have been over 100 reported posts since about noon yesterday. In the reports it doesn’t say if it the OP or the 200th post. If the op gets deleted (as a violation) ther thread would disappear.

Might have happened. Don’t know.

Depends on the context of how you tag people in a post. Most are a violation if it’s a call out.

I’m not sure if contempt of moderator is still a foul, but I’d guess it is, and your post is pretty close to it.

I can understand why the Mods would want to close a 500+ thread, instead of carefully go through it to remove the possibly rule violating posts.

There are invisible rules. I’ve done my best in identifying what you’re not allowed to do.

For instance, you can’t use the middle finger emoticon. It’s a board feature, and there’s no explicit rule stating you can’t use it. Don’t do it though.

If that’s not an invisible rule, I don’t know what is.

Ooooh was it the one that resulted in a couple of quiet sanctions that I closed down to preserve sanity all around?

Done that on two lately.

I mean I get it. An overworked mod isn’t going to go through the whole thread, removing violations.

I miss the NRA/Thomas the Tank Engine thread though.

Hey, I could be completely wrong. Just a friendly warning, though.

I don’t know. I’m not privy to that information. It wasn’t me though. I do my best to keep my nose clean. It was a post that I enjoyed engaging in though. I think many people did, as it had a high post and view count.

Just found it. That’s the one I locked. Like I said on the one OP is talking about may have been a violation reported in the OP.

I agree. Our mods are over worked. Nobody should expect a mod to go through 500 posts to identify whether people were playing nicely. We weren’t. Certain posters were instigators, but it doesn’t matter. Nobody has time for that.

last month has been brutal. The “silenced list”. Takes me three page downs to get to the bottom of it.