My NRA thread was deleted?

I appreciate the lookout. I really do. I try to stand by what I say, but I would like to know if what I said wasn’t kosher. I feel like I’m mindful of where the line is, but I know I’ve been wrong in the past, so calibration can be required sometimes.

It’s gone? No. No. No!

It got locked, I guess someone violated some rules? I kinda wish things were a bit more lax, and people weren’t so flag happy.

People are flag heavy in order to remove debate they don’t like.


Shadow banning. The new norm at

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How can there be that many flagged posts? Most people are pretty cool here. Are some people abusing the flag function?


that thread got deleted?? Nooooo!!!

I’ve deleted probably twice that many just going through threads.

People are getting down and wollowing in the gutter a lot lately.

Only locked. It’s gone waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down in the list

Trump will look into it.

90 percent of tags are calling someone out to insult em, ridiculing or just mocking that poster their calling out.

Also poster know that some poster ignore them…so they use that tag to troll said poster.

I don’t have an answer for flagged posts overworking you guys. Maybe a user limit per month? Maybe only flagging unique posters once per month? Maybe just telling them to knock it off.

This is TTTM to me. I think I even mentioned that to the mods after my first TO (hoping it wouldn’t happen but seeing how it could).

I guess it would be too harsh to publish a list of chronic offenders to make them stop? No good options really (since you need some posts flagged even by people that abuse the system).

Ding ding ding. We have a winner! Don’t make callout threads.

perhaps escalating to permanent bans for repeat/severe offenders?

Do we have a point/infraction system here like we did the old board? If people are habitually sanctioned, why are they still allowed to post at all?

As long as people know they can keep getting away with it, they’ll keep getting away with it.