“My name’s Joe Biden. I work for Kamala Harris.”


But no one said every republican voted for him

But most did.

How many republicans do you think voted for wernock?

You have your teeth sunk into this like a bulldog, but what is the point are you trying to make? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Am I the only one who sees Janice when I see Kamala?

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This was the claim.

I offered republicans are the ones who don’t care, and suggested the selection of Hershel Walker as proof. They vote for who trump tells them to vote for.

@Striker840 thinks that because he lost the general that proves republicans rejected him.

Which makes no sense.

Republicans SELECTED him in the primary.

Further, it was an extremely close race, indicating a majority of republicans voted for Walker, not Wernock. Were that not so, Wernock would have blown him out, with virtually all the dem support and more than half the GOP support.

Republicans lined up and voted for the guy Trump told them too, even though he was not in any way a qualified candidate.

Come on man, he’s on Trump.

So really … no point at all.

You do know that Georgia is an open primary state. For all we know democrats selected him.