“My name’s Joe Biden. I work for Kamala Harris.”

I have also thought he would step down, but it won’t be Harris nominated. I’m still undecided on who the replacement will be.

It’s definitely not her hair that got her where she is… :grimacing: :rofl:


We vote we win :muscle:

Hmmm didn’t he lose his election?
Seems to me that is not a really good example to use for you.

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Yesterday Defendant Donald lost 20%of the GOP primary votes to a candidate who already dropped out. In WV, Nebraska, and Maryland. You think these people are going to turn around and vote for him in November :joy:

Will you be ok?

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My “money” is on the California Governor.

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Of course I’ll be ok. I’m really concerned about you though.

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Well, there is the theory that he is just plain stupid.

No such thing. If they don’t support Biden, they ain’t black, remember? :wink:


He won the primary because Trump told republican voters he was qualified to be a senator.


Did he win the main election?

Here is the claim:

That he lost the general is irrelevant to the fact that republicans - not the general population - , in their primary, had a choice between an unqualified foot ball player, and a qualified candidate choose the football player because trump told them too.

Yet he still lost the general election…did he get every single vote in the primary?
If not, then “gasp” your attempt at a gotcha burned like a bonfire.

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Did more republicans choose him than the other guy in both the primary and the general?

Obviously not in the general, he lost.

“qualified” lol. that’s what democrats look for huh AOC?

The list of unqualified is long in biden’s admin.

Starting with Harris


We’re talking about republicans.

Just republicans.

Who else votes in the general?

Did EVERY SINGLE Republican vote for him in the primaries?