“My name’s Joe Biden. I work for Kamala Harris.”

Classic Biden stupidity …

"During an event at the White House on Monday, Biden joked, “My name’s Joe Biden. I work for Kamala Harris.

I asked her to be my vice president because I knew I needed somebody smarter than me,” he added."

You are right Joe … and she is as dumb as a stump. :smile:


democrats literally dont care about their candidates. who they are, what they’ve done, what they’re like, etc…. irrelevant to them


I love some of the comments on X. :wink:


If you believe Fweedom Harris is smarter than you, you need to rethink every life decision you ever made.


Which is smart.

true. it’s partly like why viruses are so effective. they do not care about the “leader” (or the host)


She was the worst canidate and polled horribly. Even her own side knows she is as dumb as a box of rocks. She wasnt known for her smarts.

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Which is dumber … a stump, or a box of rocks? :wink:

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Yet she and her co candidate beat Pence and the other guy last time, and the other guys are stuck being the losers.

do you think it will matter now that people know for sure he took showers with his daughter?

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Last time was last time. Will you be ok?

No Lucy, we all lost.


Nothing means more than hearing it from the horse’s mouth.

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They’re corrupt but better chess players. :wink:

My motto is…
When dealing with crooks you gotta get down at their level to fight them if ya want to win.
Walking a “High” road ALL the time will only gets ya a nose bleed and a headache.’

More reason NOT to hold it against Trump …He’s the only one who GETS it.

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Viruses have a leg up because they MUTATE.

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…81 million brandonites. That is baaa, baaa, baaad for all of us.

Pretty clear he was forced by someone to pick harris.

There’s no other explanation.


given that she got like 1% during primaries you’d think there were other reasons she was selected.

maybe because she was black by popular demand.

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I have another explanation.

First this should be in the LIE thread too. Biden was lying when he said he picked her because she was smarter than him. Just the opposite.

The empirical evidence points to him calculating she was the only viable candidate who was NOT smarter and who would make the least trouble for him. That is pretty much how she has behaved.



She was subservient in the interview and had $ to bring to the campaign.

She talks so tepidly it is impossible for me to listen to her.