My my my how many people knew about spying?

I am reaching out on a limb here. perhaps everybody that was on the unmasking list knew of the surveillance of Flynn and others. That may be a leap but i believe it.

perhaps you can explain how all those people that unmasked Flynn’s name did not know he was being spied on.

That would implicate a broad range of departments. but i am sure somebody can explain that this is not true.

Here’s the problem. In this country we rarely punish actual government corruption. It’s really weird. For some reason the ruling class is untouchable. Sean thinks we might see justice. I am 100 percent confident we won’t. I’ve seen too many of them take the 5th and walk away with full retirement. We get screwed again.

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The question is how many people will say I cant believe this but who cares anyway?

I was just to post this but since I’m so slow you beat me to it.

I find it interesting that Powers unmasked Flynn 7 times in that time period. We also know she unmasked/requested hundreds of unmasking in which she claim she didn’t. I wonder who were other targets…those that had conversations with Flynn like Trump?

Remember this is just Flynn…God know who else they unmasked.


Our goverment is crooked as hell. Once you get in that certain inner circle you have immunity to do whatever you ■■■■■■■ please.

The foot dragging is the most obvious sign. If they make something last months that should only last weeks it’s because they’re running out the clock.

Precisely. That what Paul Ryan was doing…and some extent Session too.

I’m not holding my breath that any of the seditious creeps will ever face criminal justice but I have hopes that the victims of their crimes have recourse in civil court and libel lawsuits.

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My prediction is that Barr and Durham will drag out their investigation as long as possible. Maybe right up to the election. There will be a finding of egregious or improper conduct by a few. But nothing criminal. He will offer them a severe scolding and we will move on. Business as usual.

stressed god knows the degree of corruption and it similar to a police state.

Paul Ryan could have exposed this years ago and chose not to, same with Lindsey Graham.

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Yep. Has Paul Ryan endorsed Biden yet?

I hope we dismantle the wart machine and restore our Republic

Sad…but true…although…“I have a dream.”

Yes, I consider using the government to spy on your political enemies to be a huge deal. But…one thing to consider:

Fox News headline today: Trump considers unmasking to be biggest political crime in history of country.

CNN and Yahoo news: What unmasking? Now if you want to continue to read about the person who was burned at Yellowstone…that’s news.

For half the country, this unmasking just didn’t happen or if it did it wasn’t much of a deal or CNN would have told us more about it.

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No the question is what can you, as an individual, really do about it, other than hope someone, somewhere, higher up, actually holds them accountable? Government is supposed to answer to us, because they’re supposed to be working for us, but honestly that ship sailed over forty years ago.

How many instances of “I don’t recall” or “I have no recollection?” Asking for a friend.

Try crediting the source you copy and paste from next time.

So…the Obama administration is allowed to use government agencies to spy on political enemies because what, to even the numbers? Because…Nixon?

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