My message to the New York socialist

Before you declare war on capitalism remember this: You are a clueless 28 year old millennial who has no idea how the real world works.

Cancer patients are living longer than ever. A cure may be in the not too distant future. Don’t screw it up with socialism.

Genetic disorders may be cured soon. Ditto

Life saving meds are in development right now. Double ditto.

Do you like your iPhone? Throw it away. It would not have happened under socialism.

How about that new car of yours that is so cool that you get an email that tells you your tire pressure. What would your government car look like?

The internet. Pretty cool eh? Wait until it is run by the government.

Air travel? How would you like to fly on a government run airline? Welcome to the air DMV.

Can you imagine government controlled cable T.V? God help us.

You want to give everybody a government job? Doing what?

A government house? Who gets to pay for it? Who will build it? Slave labor? Will everyone get the same house including you?

Government run movie studios? Awesome!

Say goodbye to professional sports.

Free health care? By doctors who don’t really want to be doctors? People would be forced into med school because nobody wants to go to school for 16 years only to make the same amount of money as a cook with no formal schooling. How long do you want to wait for a doctors appointment? 2 years? 3 years? All to see an unmotivated doctor who hates his government house.

And any complaining about any of this would be illegal.

Just run the numbers and show me how your socialist paradise is going to work.


What are the chances she reads your message.

I’m going with 0%.

But thanks for the effort!


Republican Performance Art. It’s not for Ocasio-Ortez, it was a performance for other Republicans.


Well this was ridiculous.

She isn’t a socialist.

I know my eyes are bad these days, but Trump looks a tad over 28 to me.

You are welcome!!! And the chances of you reading it is 100 percent! And you are my real target. Great points I made? Yes?



True. She claims she is though. It isn’t Western European style socialism she is promoting. It’s Cuban style. Also known as communism.


I dunno. I didn’t read your post. When I have, it has been a waste of time. Again. I’m going with percentages.


No she is pushing European style policies which are not socialist at all.

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Smart move. Always play the odds.

I doubt anyone read past the first couple of sentences.


She says she is an anti capitalist. She has declared war on private industry. She says she will give everyone free health care, housing and a government job. She claims she is a socialist. I’m gonna take her at her word.

Her word or what Fox News told you?

Perfect. Then they read the best part. That’s why I put it first! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got this far:

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Hers. I have not checked out her website yet. Have you? That might be the place to go.

That’s as far as I made it as well.

Okay. No problem.


That’s just a little of what you missed. You’re welcome.