My message to the New York socialist

You should have made it “An Open Letter to the New York Socialist.” That always works.

Excellent! :joy:

Whoa, whoa, whoa now. Just because she is Hispanic, doesn’t mean she is pushing Cuban style communism. She may call herself a Democratic Socialist, but so far, from what I’ve seen, she is just pushing European style policies.

I’m actually really curious to see what she’ll do.

They don’t have cell phones in Europe? They certainly make better cars than we do.

This is not demonstrable.

It is demonstrable under the precepts of trade with foreign nations.

So not sure of your point.

I should have learned my lesson. Never underestimate a liberals ability to inject race into any conversation. Nice work!!!

Time to turn down the thermostat we’ve got a Trumpflake on the verge of melting!

They are not made by the government. She want’s the corporations to be taken over by the government.Ever seen a soviet era government made car? And they do have cell phones in Europe. The most popular is this thing called the iPhone. Ever heard of it?

No she doesn’t.

Look, that’s way too risky. Sure, it starts with supporting Medicare-for-all and opposing private prisons.

But the next thing you know, you and me are trying to bust out of our workers’ commune so that we can go fight the Skull People in the killing fields.

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You seem to have taken an interest to a 28 y.o. newcomer who just won a primary for the chance to be elected to one of 435 seats.

Why this sudden fascination?

Actually the most popular there is Samsung, which are made in a socialist country.

Nobody is declaring war on capitalism. Where do you come up with this nonsense?

CEC fear and outrage mongering.

He has already admitted to not reading her policies and just basing his information on what others tell him.

But it is built in Chi…

Oh… it’s not worth it.

You could have just said she was pushing Communism (which I haven’t seen) I don’t see what Cuba has to do with anything.

Is it hawt in here or is it just me? It’s just me. :sunglasses:

I’ve been to Cuba. Lovely people stuck in a horrible situation. A real eye opener. That’s why I chose Cuba.

Damn! I didn’t think this woman would trigger trump huggers this bad.