My Fellow Americans...It is time for term limits and age limits in the House, the Senate, and the White House

We agree. Still sucks…

Nobody … not even the Constitution … says you can’t vote for a 34-yr-old for President. What you do in that voting booth is entirely confidential.

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Good point. But if a 34-year-old won the election, that person would be barred from taking office, no?

I seriously doubt if that would ever come up. :wink:

Probably not, but my opinion is that if it ever did come up, the government should not override the will of the people. Same with term limits. If people want to keep voting for the same politicians to represent them over and over again, the government shouldn’t prevent it.

Natural-born requirement is stupid too, IMO.

Where someone was born has nothing to do with their ability to govern.

The government shouldn’t prevent it.

Interesting choice of words.

Suppose I reach out in social media, find a bunch of other immoral term limit-ites out there…and we start a grass roots movement to amend the constitution to include term limits in the house and senate. Longshot I know but it wouldn’t be the first time a grass roots movement has had an impact.

Is that a government action or is it the choice of the American people?

No, only 12 years for each Representative in the House and 12 years for each Senator in the Senate.

Exactly. Which is why we don’t need term limits for Congressmen.

People unhappy with the current state of affairs should focus on campaign laws and money. That’s where the crux of the problem originates. Seeking to set term limits is merely treating the illness, not eliminating the cause.


That’s what I said, 24 years. Spend 12 years in the house, then they can spend 12 years in the senate.

12 years in each chamber is 24 years total.


That would be the choice of the people. They would be choosing to have the government enforce term limits. And I would respect that if that’s what the majority want, but I would still disagree with it. A free system would allow me to vote for the candidate I choose regardless of how long they’d been on the job.

I don’t believe there should be any cross over from HOR to Senate which is often done and just adds to the corruption in DC.

12 years service in Congress is enough for one individual whether it’s in the House or the Senate but they can’t do both.

I don’t expect Congressional term limits in my lifetime so It’s just a wish list for me.

Wait a second.

If enough people have developed a distaste for re-electing lifelong politicians to many terms in office , won’t they simply stop re-electing lifelong politicians to many terms in office ?

Seems like an unnecessary effort - and one that may impede upon the will of others who don’t share such views.

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Thank you for the clarification.


pelosi is toast, a young Jeffries is in charge. biden agreed. time for him to pack it in, along with mcconnell,schumer,Feinstein, Grassley.

trump also needs to hang it up.


The question is not their ability but their loyalty…

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Someone once said “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This is a secular view of our human nature. From a Biblical view, scripture says " The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it " This is the problem: we are selfish by nature, not benevolent.

Politicians are very aware of our nature, in fact they count on it to get reelected time and again. Our Founding Fathers would be appalled at what our government has become. Our early legislators were part time. They would go to Washington, do the business they had to take care of, then go home until they were needed again. The idea of lifetime politicians was not their intention.

Somewhere along the way politicians found a way to game the system and stay in office. IMO, the biggest aid to them remaining in power came when the government took over the schools, thereby dumbing us down and stupifying us to the point that we no longer are being taught what our government was meant to be, and second when they created the welfare state and realized that most people will vote for freebies given the opportunity, which politicians are glad to give them more and more of.

An educated, hard working, prosperous nation doesn’t need a big brother to take care of them which is why our public schools will never improve and why our government every so often has to create a financial situation that keeps people from accumulating too much money and drains them of what they have.

Term limits would go a long way towards seeing genuine improvement in every aspect of our society. My thoughts: 12 years of service total in House, Senate or a combination of the two with an exception being made should a Congressman or Senator get elected POTUS. In that case, they could get 8 years more if elected.

How about greatly reducing or eliminating the influence of money on the electoral and legislative processes?

Has very little to do with where they’re born. In fact, quite a few immigrants are more appreciative of our country than those born here.

Unless it’s union money of course.