Musk Acquires Twitter

Yet you’re calling for investigations due solely to claims from a similar film. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Wait, what am I calling for?

You must have me confused with someone else.

Only the businesses owned by liberals

How? If Twitter is overvalued through fake accounts, he can back on out. They said 5% fakes, what if it’s a lot more?

I would like to see your evidence of that claim

No you are the one confused. It shows who I replied to in my post and it wasn’t you

What the Panama papers have shown is that they operate under the same legal structure.


Call me crazy but if strippers can manage to use Google Translate to talk to non English speaking customers, thousands of people with master’s degrees can probably do it as well.

Do you really think a company of 7,000 people (most working form home) has a censorhip committee that analyzes tweets in Vietnamese and Baluch and Finnish and Urdu and Farsi and Arabic?

You are not usually so dishonest as to pretend such things Tommy.

What, like pretending they’re working in a 1950s office with file cabinets and a stock ticker instead of with computing power that rivals most actual major nations and the most sophisticated expert systems ever created?

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You link to 2000 Mules through D’Souza’s Twitter and he is spending almost the entire time talking about the movie.

He’s not being treated unfairly.

If you wanted to monitor anti-Russian hate speech or anti-
Russian calls to violence on RIGHT NOW in the Ukraine how many Russians speakers would you put on the job?

Please come back to reality.

I would use a translation program like everyone does, including strippers with eighth grade educations, as I pointed out earlier.

How much do you have.

Looks like musk is trying to back out?

Why wouldn’t he have verified the accounts before making his offer?

Perhaps the skeptics were right?

This whole farce is now done. Musk said he’d buy but only at a lower price, which violates the agreement in principle he reached with their board. Not that it wasn’t super obvious he would never buy it.

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Their valuation is directly tied to the number of real users they have, if they are lying about the number of bots it won’t be him that broke the deal, it will be them.

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Why didn’t he verify this before the offer? How does he know it’s higher? It’s all a stall tactic.

20% fake accounts, eh?

That’s way higher than 5%.



My guess is, he suspected they were lying, now he gets a billion if he proves they are. And destroys their stock which he can then acquire for pennies on the dollar.

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