Musk Acquires Twitter

9.5% Now the largest shareholder.

Price up 25%.


The noose tightens on Twitter’s NSFW content. Lame.


Not every social media platform is having a stellar day, though

Too bad, so sad :frowning:

Now he can call random people Pedos on Twitter and not suffer consequences

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With Mr. musk in charge Maybe things like Hunter’s laptop won’t get buried next time that could be a good thing.


Musk isn’t in charge.

But I do like how him calling a guy trying to save children trapped in a cave a pedo was ignored.

He owns the majority of the company so no he probably won’t be involved in the day-to-day operations but he’s not that drugged out Hippy Jack Dorsey either. I do like How the reference to the scandal of the Biden family influence peddling as evidence by the information on Hunter’s laptop which Twitter tried to bury completely was completely ignored. That tells me a lot

No. He is the largest single shareholder. He is not the majority owner

Jack Dorsey doesn’t run Twitter anymore. He went on to run Block which is probably more lucrative and he doesn’t have to answer dumb questions from congress members from time to time.

I guess people are still mad that no one bit on Giuliani’s obvious October Surprise.

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No, he doesn’t. He now owns slightly more than 9% of the company.

And also saying that Dorsey is a drugged out hippie and that is somehow different than Musk is pretty funny.


Is this all you have? From 2019? That lawsuit was settled when Musk was found to be not guilty. I know it will continue to be repeated but who cares?

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He is the largest share holder. He could destroy it. :laughing:

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No he couldn’t. Nor would he.

Oh… we need a lawsuit to for us to determine that calling a guy trying to save kids trapped in a cave a pedo is bad thing to do?

Used to be there was a time where we could all determine on our own that calling a someone a Pedo just because he ignored your stupid rescue submarine idea was outside of normal decorum.

Do your home work first for a change.

True or false.

Elon Musk called Vern Unsworth a Pedo on Twitter.

He’s too busy trying to make sure he doesn’t recognize that the person he voted for is “the big guy” in a family of influence peddlers.

Yes musk is the majority share holder…somehow we’re supposed to believe he won’t be influencing policy at that toilet.

Personally of Twitter disappeared I doubt the world would be worse off…maybe Musk will improve it.


If that’s the best you’ve got then everyone of you leftwing do goodies should disavow buying one of those climate friendly cars he makes.


As opposed to a family of influence peddlers on the red team.

He isn’t the majority shareholder.

The world would be much better off without Twitter.

I wouldn’t buy a Tesla.

I would buy a Ford.