Murder, RICO charges against Hillary, Comey, Lynch and others?

Has anyone seen this indictment against Hillary, Comey, Lynch, and others regarding the murder of LaVoy Finicum? It’s posted on the site as well. Anyone know any more about this? Why hasn’t the media run with it?

I really wish I knew why the media hasn’t run with it? Do you have any ideas?


wondering if charges were dropped, but why wouldn’t the media pick up on it when it was first posted to begin with? you’d think they’d be all over this.

First post, strange link, download file? No thanks.

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Hint to everyone… National Liberty Alliance is a Sovereign Citizen group that has Q conspiracies on it’s website.

Just so everyone knows…


I heard they were about to indict Karl Rove………………

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Yeah…what happen?

Been waiting for long time.

The media isn’t talking about it because it’s “sovereign citizen” nonsense with no actual legal weight.

A “Citizen’s Grand Jury” isn’t a real thing.


What happened is that LaVoy Finicum “committed suicide by cop.” He was the only one who died, and it was his own doing. If he had not illegally occupied a federal building while armed, not run a legal law enforcement check point, and not reached for a firearm while agents had their weapons trained on him, he’d be alive today.

The OP’s “indictment” was a sovereign citizen grand jury. As if this needs to be explained, but it is not legally binding.

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Don’t really know and would have to refresh my memory…but I’m still waiting of Rove indictment.

I like this little gem from the bottom of the so called indictment;

We the People have the unalienable right to decide the law, the facts and the conclusion of the matter


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Here’s my reply. There will be no charges against Hillary, Comey, Lynch or any other high level government official. Why? They are too high up in the chain. They are above the point of accountability. Accountability was meant for the ruled, not the rulers. The odds of a high ranking official being punished are about the same as seeing a sasquatch and a space alien in the same day.

It’ll never happen.

Malheur Wildlife refuge. The Bundys and their ilk were upset that some of the Hammond tribe were arrested for deliberately starting burns that repeatedly got out of hand and beyond their control onto federal land. They were told to knock it off, chose not to, and were arrested after a judge determined they were not assigned the mandatory min sentence for it. They were also child abusers.

Bundys and others decided to occupy the refuge as some asinine attempt at adverse possession because they were mad the fed owns so much federal land (land the feds own because the states didn’t want it, or signed over management of some of those lands as part of the condition of statehood).

After some time, some of them left to try to meet with a sheriff in the next county over, and law enforcement was waiting. One of the cars stopped, but the other, driven by Finicum, plowed through and sped down the snowy road. He plowed his truck into the snowbank after a few shots were fired at the truck as it headed toward the roadblock. He veered into the snow bank, and leaped out of the car exclaiming “you’re gonna have to shoot me” while meandering around in the snow. While his hands start off up in the air, he repeatedly reached toward the inside of his coat, where he was known to carry at least one firearm. The 2nd or third time he reached toward the inside of his coat, he was shot by law enforcement and died immediately. The suspected pistol (that was a gift to him) was found on his body where he was reaching.

No one else died during this whole situation, because no one else reached for a firearm.

Finicum’s wife, who has since remarried, is attempting to sue all those involved for “murder” but the OP is citing some sovereign citizen kangaroo grand jury indictment that means literally nothing.


There will be no charges because none of them were either directly or indirectly accountable for the death of LaVoy Finicum.

Did you read the indictment, altair?


Why won’t the media click on this link?


My statement was a general one. Example. Hillary destroyed 18 communications devices with a hammer, deleted thousands of subpoenaed emails and wiped her illegal server clean. And not with a cloth, with bleach bit. Obstruction of justice on steroids. And she walked for the exact reasons that I stated. My comment applies to all cases. Not just the one linked.

Oh then nothing.


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