Murder rates highest in red states

Who are the victims?

I have been consistent on the Capitol PD and Ash Babbitt.

Mealy mouthing is asked about “demographics” without stating why it matters.

Just come out and say it

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Does that make sense in the 'burbs?

I mean:

If there is anything about that👆 you want clarified, let me know.

But it’s Republican led… say it isn’t so

Did you ask? No, that’s not mealy-mouthing. Talking about people instead of to them is. It’s a chick thing.


You were obviously aware of it before the rest of us.

Why do I need to ask? You should state your position instead of the JAQ “what about the demographics”

We know what you are implying but you won’t say. Mealy mouth Mary



Thanks :rofl:


All that college…

I didn’t think we were going around correcting spelling anymore. I’ll keep that in mind for you.

The demographics were posted in the OP. Lots of data.

Republican led, high crime rate. With percentages and everything.

We were told that republicans are better at controlling crime… why aren’t their solutions working?

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Red states or blue states, cities suck.


Which demographics?

Something like this?

I don’t recall them mentioned, but there are numerous Hispanic communities here as wel.

There is every color of the rainbow here, & other than the sneaky meanness of New England liberals mentioned by Malcolm X and Rick Sanchez, I don’t get an unsafe feeling around much of anyone.

Could it be death penalty states have higher crime rates?

Almost like the biggest predictor of crime in raw numbers is population density or something.

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Obviously not down south.