Murder rates highest in red states

despite the GOP and the rights complaining about out of control crime in blue states it turns out that red states have the highest murder rates.
in 2020 staes that voted for trump had per capita murder rates 40% higher than states run by biden

and its not just on a state level.
for example jacksonville florida had 128 more murders than san fran depite both being roughly the same size. jacksonville has a GOP mayor

bakersfield california had a murder rate 2x san fran despite bakersfield being solidly red
the top 5 states by murder rate

mississippi’s murder rate was almost 4x new yorks
oklahoma city’s murder rate was 2x los angeles


You done did it now, @SneakySFDude. :rofl:

Thanks Brandon.

Great source too.

I was wondering how long this would take to land on the forum. By my reckoning, less than 12 hours.

Post the demographics.

…demographics for what?

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Always skeptical of these blogs but this one seems well sourced.

Interesting data. Let’s see how conservatives handwave this.

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The bad actor states.

What? Why?

More importantly, why me? This isn’t my OP.

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You’re on the bandwagon.

What do you mean “why”? Precisely.

He’s trying to imply that it’s black/brown peoples fault.

Which is funny because I thought republicans had working solutions to crime problems.


Insert Joker “what if I told you” meme here.


“He” didn’t say anything about race.

To instead of about is much less mealy-mouthed.

I found out completely by accident that the the three biggest cities in Texas have per-capita crime rates that puts New York City to shame.

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Post them and let’s see.

Probably. Who’s doing it?

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It helps to actually prosecute crime rather than standing down.

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You don’t have to tell me, right wingers always side with armed agents of the state no matter what they say in between it mattering.


We looked at demographics in the UE thread. Progs brought it up. Why not here?

Ironic likes noooooooooo

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