Murder rate in Mexico spiking

Here’s a graph that shows the murder rates in Mexico. As we all know the murder capital of the world is Mexico and central America. Odd how the rate was going down while Bush was president, and rapidly starts up under Obama. Who at one point was selling guns to Mexican drug gangs.

Why you wouldn’t border control between US and the criminal states of Mexico and central American is beyond me…

Project Gunrunner started under Bush in 2006 and continued under Obama until 2011. The guns were never supposed to leave the country, they were to be intercepted in major raids on Cartel members working in the States.

Then Obama took over and sold them to them, so he could make more laws on Gun shows…

That said, I have no problem with competent border control, but if you are going to use the so called gun running angle, at least have the intellectual honesty to say that Bush started it.

The program may have existed, But the O admin perverted it to use as a gun control ruse.

Probably, why the murder rate increases so rapidly under Obama down there…

So the thread is based on “probably” something might have happened, in your opinion.

Obama did use it as you said, but it was not planned. It was in fact, a huge embarrassment for him when his detractors in conservative media mischaracterized it so badly and like you, failed to mention that it was a Bush program.

Funny no Americans were killed in Mexico with fed govt sold guns under Bush,isn’t it… Just say, Huh and go back to CNN?

murder in Mexico? no way… Mexico is a socialist utopia

It must be something in the water.


The talking point pushed by some Republicans that most Dems don’t support border security is a lie.

Bush didn’t start it. Can you find any evidence that Bush gave weapons to drug cartels? I can’t find any.

Sanc. cities prove otherwise… What’s the dems big border control program then?

Just like when they blame Obama care on reps, even though none voted for it…

Well you must admit, dems are doing a lousy job of promoting better border security. Maybe they should up their game a little. Many are very outspoken in their support of sanctuary cities. They could clarify a lot if they were at least as enthusiastic regarding securing the borders. If they are saying anything, its a whisper and nobody is hearing it. Sorry, I just ain’t seeing it.

Neither side gives a rat’s rear and “we” have over 3 decades of proof to prove it and that’s why Trump was elected.

You are absolutely correct. Other than the few random conservatives that we have in D.C. they don’t care. It’s all a big lie. It’s the same lie that both parties tell when they complain about budget deficits. If either party cared, they would do something. They are professional liars. Nearly all of them.

I can’t think of one elected dem with a border control plan…

Exactly. The democratic answer to violence in Mexico is to bring them all here. Bat ■■■■ crazy.

Maybe you’re not looking. Even the GOP’s newest punching bag says she doesn’t support open borders:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young Democrat who identifies as a socialist and stunned the Democratic establishment Tuesday when she upset veteran New York Rep. Joe Crowley in a congressional primary, flatly denied in an interview with NPR on Wednesday the oft-printed accusation that she is for open borders.

“We have to have a secure border,” she told host Steve Inskeep. “We need to make sure that people are, in fact, documented.”

Yes, look at the culture of LA now. They beat up political opponents. Just like in Venezuela and Mexico…