Mueller to testify July 17

It looks like he has been subpoenaed to testify.

If you had one question to ask him, what would it be?

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Which of the 10 obstruction charges discussed in your report do you find most damning?

I’d ask him if he expected Congress to follow up on the ten instances of obstruction and to better describe his thinking behind not going one way or the other about them.


“What do you think of Robert De Niro’s impression of you?”


He should read the report to them. As Daffy Duck.


I would ask him if it’s possible to obstruct a hoax.

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Why did you destroy the lives of people who had nothing to do with Russia?

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Did A.G. Barr stop or curtail any investigations?


The Washington Post story of Mueller testifying.

I would ask Mueller why he hates his country so much.


I like that question. The dems may not like the answer.

I’d have him simply repeat what’s in the report… that’s it…

I would say the gopers would be the ones not liking it.

Sorry dude, he knew that the thing was a hoax months before Barr took over. Barr prevented nothing. It was over before he got there.

I would ask him which course of investigation might be the most productive course for Congress to take.

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Donald Duck… we want some trump supporters to actually watch it.


Congress will never ask that. They can’t admit that they don’t have all of the answers. Way too arrogant for that.

Clever, Very clever. In a nasty, dishonest sort of way.

He would never answer because he probably can’t… but I would ask him what all of the deferred investigations entail.

He will most certainly be asked this question:

"At what point did you realize that collusion was a hoax?" If he’s honest he will probably say two years ago.