Mueller’s special counsel is unconstitutional

According to Levin’s CRTV recent broadcast, Mueller’s special counsel probe is unconstitutional. If true, then Mueller should be shut down and Rosenstein held in contempt. Why, therefore, hasn’t President Trump shut down the Mueller investigation and have Rosenstein fired and prosecuted for contempt and obstruction ?

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Investigations by the DOJ are not unconstitutional.
“Contempt”?!? of what?!?
“Obstruction” ?!? of justice ?!?

Fortunately, judges decide the law and not talking head pundits.

Because Levin is incorrect.


Have you considered “if false” ?


Did Levin say on what grounds?

Levin is referring to the Article II appoinments clause that demands that principal officers of the government be selected by the President with advice and consent of the Senate.

The proper way to challenge this is through the Supreme Court, eventually. Anything else would raise the roof off of Washington just before the 2018 election…not necessarily a good plan.

Because Levin is wrong

This has already gone to the Supreme Court - in Morrison v. Olsen, regarding the Independant Counsel. The opinion clearly states that the Independant Counsel is, in the context of the Appointments Clause, an “inferior” officer.


I suspect that Levin would argue that Mueller was given a wider range of authority than previous independent counselors, and should therefore be treated differently.

Do you think Levin would be able to show that to be true? What greater authority does Mueller have, as compared to prior independant counsels?

Morrison v. Olsen addressed a different situation - one with significant separation of powers questions, and it was still found to be constitutional. In the case of Mueller, those questions don’t exist.

I try not to get my information from the punditry class. They are solely invested in ratings, celebrity, and selling products. They are not invested in making you smart.



That’ll go over well! Lol

Another loony all fired up over something he heard on right wing radio and had to come running here to make sure know about someone’s vaguely thought-out theory.


No Levin is not wrong. He knows more about political laws than most likely
anybody. And if anyone is siding with Mueller they’re not to smart. And why you on here???

Contempt because he refuses to turn over unredacted documents subpoenaed by Congress

not “too” smart…


Well, that’s not true at all.

Like I said people how bright they are.

What? And welcome!

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Because Levin’s wrong.