Mueller Ready??

Is it on? Do we got The Tater? Oh boy this is fun!

Why would he wait until after elections?

…cuz the voting public has been duped by the left into believing nonexistent Russian collusion.

The answer is in the article you linked to. Justice dept guidelines say prosecutors must avoid taking action near to an election that could influence the outcome.

Yep… which is why Comey is hated by just about everyone.

Mueller does what Mueller wants.


If we had a traitor in the oval office, Mueller - good American that he is - would let us know.

Don’t hate him yet, he may be key to getting The Tater.

anonymous sources. #fakenews

Two words - James Comey.

Do you remember what happened when he dropped a bombshell right before an election? It would seem Mueller is following DOJ guidelines and waiting for the appropriate time.

And it sounds like he wants to release it after the election, as answered in your article.

Don’t you wish he would do it today, I do.

Unless your name is Hillary Clinton.

I think that we will see that the Trump Tower meeting had way more happening in it than they are letting on.

This bit of info dropped this morning.

So we have a participant in the meeting setting up a new shell company a month before the meeting and then a lot of sketchy transactions around the people who were in that meeting.

Lots of smoke.

How is this relevant to your OP article citing #FakeNews anonymous sources?

Not relevant.

You don’t release your people if you’re not winding down. Are you a military intel analyst?

Everything I say is relevant.

Not relevant to the #FakeNews anonymous sources cited in your OP article.

To deflecting and flailing around, sure. What you and I feel about the alleged timing of the release of his report is irrelevant to why he’s allegedly timing it for after the election.