Mueller investigation has more than paid for itself in money recouped from tax cheaters

For those whining about the Mueller investigation, enjoy this: FORTUNE magazine reports that it began, it has nearly doubled the amount of money it has returned to the government from tax liabilities. Paul Manafort alone agreed to forfeit assets that amounted to between $42 million and $46 million, including about $22 million in property, reported CNBC.

Another big payback was from Michael Cohen, who has agreed to pay $1.4 million in unpaid taxes and hand over $500,000 in assets as well as pay $100,000 in fines.

Good job, Mr. Mueller!


Interesting. I notice that The previous time there was a special counsel with Ken Starr, it cost taxpayers about 70 million. Looks like Mueller is cleaning up the Trump
Mess and earning money for the US taxpayer.


Complaints about the government seizing the assets of private citizens who are criminals in 5 … 4 … 3 …

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If Mexico has already paid for a wall…did Manafort pay for Mueller’s investigation? I need some Trumpsplaining.


It wont matter…they will just slog on to another stupid point people will have to suffer in dealing with.

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Glad to see we’re nearing the acceptance phase. :thinking: We didn’t get our collusion, but at least we made a few bucks.

We should turn this into a regular thing for every politician.

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If you think what Mueller brought in now is a lot, wait till he figures out how much the Trump family and Trump Foundation owe in unpaid taxes.


Just wait till he ends the irs you libs are gonna cry

“(Redacted) meeting with Kilimnik” in the Manafort sentencing memo should make all of those who are saying “No Collusion” give pause.

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How can they give pause when they ignore or flatly refuse to believe any facts about the case?

What is criminal about it?

You cannot say that no evidence of collusion has been found because Mueller has not released his final findings.

In addition I thought so called conservatives like yourself would want an investigation to bring those who are guilty of crimes bought to justice without the need for an investigation to be self funding.

It does seem that now Trump supporters are evolving into being for law and order but only if that law and order shows a net profit. I didn’t realize that law enforcement was supposed to be about running a business.

What next open up police departments and law enforcement agencies to investors?

Do you believe it should be criminal for the Russians to hack the political adversaries of Donald Trump and then engage in multiple secret meetings with members of his family/campaign to discuss sharing the information? And if it was perfectly fine, normal behavior…why exactly did everyone involved spend so much time lying about it?

Hell, why do these people lie about basically every Russian connection while you all defend them?

We don’t know really what the meeting entailed.

But given that Kilimnik is GRU and was the contact between Manafort and Derispaska AND we know that Manfort was using his position in the Trump campaign to attempt to repay the dept owed to him by changing the policy towards Russia within the GOP… then the “(Redacted meeting with Kilimnik” more than likely means that it doesnt start and stop with Manafort.

It could be meaningless… likely it is not.

That is why it should give pause.

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I thought you didn’t go in for conspiracy theories.

It isn’t a conspiracy theory.

It is what is in the sentencing memo of Manafort.

It is going on what we know between the official filings and what is being reported in the news.

There is still a chance that there was no coordination between people in the Trump campaign and a Russian interests… but with every new piece of information, that chance is getting smaller and smaller.

It should give pause.

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I was willing to concede that the real illegality between contacts of the Trump Campaign began and ended with Manafort. Even though there is evidence suggesting that there was more than that… I wouldn’t have been too surprised if that was it.

After “(Redacted) meeeting with Kilimnik” that means that there was contact outside of Manafort. That should be worrying to those who keep saying “No Collusion” it isn’t yet slam dunk… but it should give pause.

You should read the sentencing memos.

Especially Manafort’s

They are highly informative.

You assume that I haven’t. Reading and reading into are two very different things.

Fair enough. But if this was happening to a Democrat… I think that you and I would find more agreement.