Mueller investigation has more than paid for itself in money recouped from tax cheaters


If this was happening to a democrat, it wouldn’t have even made it to this board.


That’s just silly. There are plenty of Republicans who have posting privileges here in Hannity-Land.

Maybe you wouldn’t have made an effort to discuss the topic if it was a Democrat, but other people would have.


LOL what a stupid comment. If a Democrat scandal doesn’t make it on this board then its your fault and the fault of other so called Conservatives for failing to creating a thread.


Wait… what?

The same board that spent an enormous amount of time of people tending their clothes in anger over Common being invited to the White House?

That board?

Very silly.


I cam think of 10 posters on this board who would have made a thread on it. Ones a mod…


It’s a very good assumption you didnt…


I said “this” board.


You’re gonna cry :cry: when the Trump family gets charged.


This board which has QAnon theories on it and discussion about Uranium One?

The thing is that the GOP has been in charge for two years. The Trump Administration has proven to be more of a morass of corruption than we have not seen in my lifetime at least.

I know that the CEC and the people who abide by their words were all ready in 2016 to have two years of Clinton scandal mongering only to have it all snatched away and replaced with near daily scandals of the Trump administration… I know it must be exhausting and wearing making excuses all the time as to why the Presidency resembles more of a clown car on fire going over a cliff than a functioning Branch of our government mandated by the Constitution.

The off ramp that takes one back to reality away from crazy town is available at any time.

All one had to do it have a little introspection and take it.


Remembering all the stupid threads about Obama on this board. Those were the days, as the song goes.


You should take it.


Sadly… the way things are going… it is going to a tough couple of years coming up.

The chance is always there to realize that you have been lied to and are defending a con man… and for what?


How is it that any time someone disagrees with one of you it’s “defending” Trump? My comment wasn’t about him, but everything is about him to you guys.

Hopefully you’ll reach the acceptance stage sooner rather than later. Either way, I think this new precedent is great. Colonoscopies for every candidate and anyone who that candidate ever looked at.


Or at the very least, uphold the tradition of voluntarily releasing their tax returns.


Next talking point, please.


Wait? How is that a talking point? You are proposing deep dives into candidates and their associates and all I am saying that at the very least a tradition should be upheld.

Backtracking now?


This is a good primer on all the ties to Russia the Trump campaign and transition had starting in Fall of 2015.


I don’t need to read all of that to know that Hillary colluded with Russia to win the election.


I’m hoping someone will be along any minute now to post a primer on all of Hillary’s Russian connections. I just hope it has pictures for those of us having difficulty following that storyline.


Trying to educate these Trumpettes is a waste of time. They’ll find out soon enough. If they want to see the world through rose-colored glasses, that’s their problem.