Mueller draft report says Putin used Trump to "destabilize' America - Carl Bernstein

Except for one thing. Mueller has evidence.

It doesn’t matter who gets credit whether its Bernstein or Woodward because both are the “founding fathers” of junk journalism! Those two and Mueller did and are doing more to destabilize the country then any foreign interference could.

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Holy disconnect from reality Batman!

Guess we found one of those people who still say Nixon is innocent.


It just proves the 5th Avenue claim.

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Do you really think Robert Mueller is going to jail?

And Richard Nixon said, “I am not a crook” too.

Exactly true. Look at the disruption of our Democratic process. It is the Bernsteins and the left doing that for the last two years, not so much the Russians. If the Russians really are into disrupting our system, it is those who immediately questioned the legitimacy of our election because they didn’t like the results that are doing this…they are the true allies of the Russians or whoever else wants to disrupt the system.

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Sarcasm assumed… but if I were looking to destabilize America, I would like to see a President in office who calls into question the legitimacy of almost every American government institution as well as questioning the legitimacy of the democratic process ("the election is rigged). And the best of all would be a President who scapegoats the leadership of FBI counterintelligence – the people on the front line of protecting the US from foreign interference. The message that the government is truly a corrupt deep state is the perfect ideological cover for those who reject our democratic ideals and principles.


Wow - looks like the revelations that are going to come from this investigation are going to be really had for some to accept as they deal with the reality of the situation.

Our elections determine the American government. Those American government institutions you talk about are the tools of our government. They have no authority except through those elected. Those elected have the absolute authority to determine the positions we take in international and domestic affairs, not the bureaucrats who think they can order Americans what to think. The leaders of those agencies are replaceable by our elected leadership. It is not for the heads of those agencies to get together and decide to remove those selected by the American people.
Lying Clapper, Obamas boy Brennan? No, thank you. New President, better leadership.

Meanwhile, we just had an election where the American people, by and large, voted to hold the White House more accountable.

In a conservative republican perfect world he would, wouldn’t he?

I had something ready to reply to @DougBH with, but this stupid refresh ate it. So, I will just say that I second what @H_Arendt has stated, as it was stated better than what I could have said anyway.

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Then it is a great thing that the bold never happened. I can appreciate the desperate hyperbole though, as the walls close in tighter and tighter on the traitor a decreasing minority of people slavishly support.

When you’re told people who think differently from you aren’t simply people who think differently from you but are evil and your enemy, then you’ll vote for anyone.

Hilarious… Mueller and the dems have done more to make the country unstable than Putin ever dreamed of. The witch hunt is what Putin loves…

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Let’s see. A US President who destabilizes the United States.

I think there’s a word for that.

Because, obviously Putin was horrified when a man with a sterling record of counterintelligence activities against Russian agents like Peter Strozk was drummed out of the FBI by Donald Trump as part of Trump’s “I’m tougher than any other President on Russia” campaign.

What Putin loves is Trump and his supporters calling into question the legitimacy of every institution in our Republic, because that enables Putin and opponents of our values to say, “See, those values the Americans claim to believe in are all a sham.” Mueller demonstrates the finest tradition of the rule of law: slow; methodical; fact based… He’s everything that dictators and their fans despise.


The dems have been using Russia and Putin to destabilize America , by claiming that our elections were changed because of their interference.

This is rich, the dems always accuse everyone else of doing, exactly what they themselves are doing.