Mueller and his band of thugs may be in heap of trouble


She’s a witch! Burn her!


Never in the history of our Country has the “press” been more dishonest than it is today. Stories that should be good, are bad. Stories that should be bad, are horrible. Many stories, like with the REAL story on Russia, Clinton, and the DNC, seldom get reported. Too bad!


How is Mueller done?


Mueller was an actual military hero. Marine, purple heart, bronze star.


Where is the OP?


Republicans have really taken a squat on being able to claim the party of personal reponsibility.


It’s a figure of speech… done cooked, no credibility, joke… ya know? Are you not following current events?


Judging by your comments in this thread, are YOU following current events?


You sound worried, CNN keeping information from you again?


You picked a propaganda network, try again.


Worse, think Hanoi Jan when you talk CNN.


Is that any relation to Felony Flynn?


Mueller is a traitor for letting Obama sell uranium to the enemy.


Felony Strzok and Comey more like it.


Trump is doing it too.


Which one of those three is actually a felon?

That would be Felony Flynn.

Lock him up!


Remember December 5th! I mean 8th! I mean 12th!


I’ll admit it. I used to listen to some D12.


Yes where am I wrong?


What is fake about the dossier?