Mueller and his band of thugs may be in heap of trouble


The President’s campaign manager was convicted of multiple felonies, his NSA was plead guilty to a felony, and his personal attorney went to prison for multiple felonies included one that he committed at the direction of the President.

But Mueller is a joke who has no credibility? Only in fantasy land.


Makes sense then why trump followers don’t like him.


Is it real? :joy::joy:


Comment said he sent FBI Agents over to the White House to perjury trap a 4 star general. I think I’m on the right side on this one…


LOL at perjury trap.

It’s funny now how lying to the FBI is now not such a big deal.


Is that how Flynn was promoted to 4 star general?


Check your facts LT general is 3 stars.


Lying ? Asking if it was cloudy out 20 years ago today and not remembering isn’t a lie haha


He was promoted for bravery under the fire of perjury trap.


Well there it is , reasons to perjury trap lol


Missed something in the translation?


It’s easy to remember general order. It goes: Be My Little General.


It’s Mueller time…


Don’t forget the part where he lied about his Russian communications.

Why would the National Security Advisor lie about communicating with a Russian ambassador?


People are saying that the questionnaire the President filled out for Robert Mueller is a perjury trap.


Didn’t fat donald fired Flynn for lying?


Lol he was a cabinet member he talked to thousands
Of country’s ambassadors Lol lol poor Democrats


That’s not what happened.


I guess it is if you’re a compulsive liar.

I would love to see Trump interviewed by Mueller’s team. That would be freakin hilarious.


Why can’t we just say Abracadabra so that the General can gain an extra star, as well as make the rest of the fiction real too?